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  1. Do you want this as option or completely remove the .xx digits? Is there a difference to: I just play multipliers <100?
  2. I use multiple accounts mainly to test different strategies to bust at the same time. So that's all to it I think. If you believe you found a strat that will move on a while you can bet with it simultaneously.
  3. the low multipliers are already taken - there lowest one you can get now is 49.5x
  4. You're not going to end this before the list is full or? To go for 9990x with 1$ is just insane.
  5. It's just a wish from my side - I hope that way there are more people counted which really want to give some love and not only take it
  6. Can you please only consider people which didn't tipped a MOD 🙂
  7. yep, and busted awfully. Whatever you think the odds to run into a bad streak are basically the same every new bet. So yes pre-roll gives you a kind of safety factor, but in the long run you'll bust like me 🙂
  8. Since I lost big - actually I try to recover with the small amount that was left and with that what the lovely rain gives me. For now I play really slow though I would need about 2 month without bust to recover like this.
  9. 13 - GonerGenesis edit: sry I disqulified myself before finishing to read the whole topic
  10. The hope of wining some days keeps me here to gamble, nevertheless I dont play the same multiplier for a long run
  11. I tend to re-evaluate my goal after I achieved it 😕 so this is hardly a good Idea. Congrats to you.
  12. I had kind of exactly this golden rule ... I gamble with a certain amount till its busted or doubled ... so I busted and instead I stopped I took all the money from my vault because I thought its impossible that the red streak will continue till the end off all this money ... eventually I was wrong So I will never break my own rules again 😕
  13. The thing is, that most of us are here because we want to gain something -- though we know that its very unlikely. So it is also very unlikely that one can stop after he won "enough" -- that's why the owners will never stop gaining from us 🙂