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    Andr33i got a reaction from deehogan in Describe your Sex Life using a Movie Title   
    Good Luck Chuck (2007)  - Dane Cook Jessica Alba
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    Andr33i reacted to merlyn22 in Let's count   
    if there is last letter games lets count     
    count using words not number 
    i know this is fun too  
    so i start at   
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    Andr33i reacted to merlyn22 in Let's count   
    Ohhh really @Carollzinha ???didnt know know it was counting here. As i read the topic of sir edward saying post not count here fellas.  In this case how to request to close this topic.
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    Andr33i got a reaction from chaitanya in Cat owners   
    My girlfriend really likes cats for some reason lol and i was thinking that i would buy one for her but it has to be a bread that has short or no hair. Any recommendation ? Also i want to spend a max of 400 Euro. Thanks 
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    Andr33i reacted to hui in 🏆 Primedice Loyalty Giveaway   
    What a nice name for a giveaway!
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    Andr33i got a reaction from mgod in What will you do if you unexpectedly become a parent?   
    Give it up for adoption is the best thing to do when the unexpected happens.
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    Andr33i reacted to Hakar_yusuf in 🏆 Design new signatures for Primedice forum!   
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    Andr33i got a reaction from Gamsa in Your worst vacation   
    Worst one was in Turkey, when we arrived to Istanbul rented a car from Atatürk Airport from a less known company then the original we have booked from the start because they couldn't provide the model we booked only wanted to offer a more expensive twice the price luxury model that also wasn't suited for the trip we planed. So we ended up with the next best thing we could find that turned out to be a scam. We stopped on our way to the hotel at a restaurant to have dinner. While we were in the restaurant they stole the car with all out luggage. We spent the next entire day at the police station filling out forms and complaints and also learned that the company that lent the car didn't cover actual luggage or anything else that didn't belong with the car with insurance. We decided to end the vacation and flew home with nothing but our clothes and a sour memory about Turkey. 
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    Andr33i reacted to Mistletoe in What's your favorite movie Genre?   
    Reminds me of someone i know. "why would i pay and go to a cinema to scare myself?" 
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    Andr33i reacted to Bojana in Faucet Farming   

    1) Yes, you can make a withdrawal if you manage to reach the minimum withdrawal amount of 0.0043 BTCs from faucet, fee included. 

    2) You are allowed to have as many accounts as you want, we suggest you having one account and a bank only, in which you can store the funds from PLAYING, but NOT send the direct faucet amount, since this is considered an abuse and both of your accounts could end up muted/banned that way. Faucet farming is a serious offence here on PD. 

    Faucet is here to help you learn how to play, test different strategies and the main way of playing on any gambling site is by depositing, as you already know.

    I hope this answered your question at least a bit. I'm locking this topic, since I consider this solved. For any additional explanations, contact us on the support platform. 

    Good luck  
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    Andr33i got a reaction from Twistifies in Primedice homepage design   
    Looks real good i specially like the black theme  Great job 
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    Andr33i reacted to Twistifies in Primedice homepage design   
    Here is my idea for the site. I made a black theme and a normal one. I made everything myself. I made a currency tool and a theme chooser (changed the tab in black theme). I literally redesigned the whole page i have like 100+ layers in my photoshop file. I also wanted to add a tab where u could see the charts of how much bitcoin was rising but i think im late ((late for the contest)) on it .  I can also make a phone or tablet design if you want me to. But i hope yall like it and will use it. 
      (This was my entry for the contest BUT i was FUCKING 5 MINUTES LATE.)  

    @Edward @MICRO @Zoltan @Vladimir @Serlite @Bojana
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    Andr33i reacted to Edward in 🏆 Primedice Loyalty Giveaway   
    GIveaway for all the loyal Primedicers still hanging around the forum, also possibly some new people who want to get involved.
    Just post your Primedice username!
    100+ posts: 0.00025 BTC
    200+ posts: 0.0005 BTC
    500+ posts: 0.001 BTC
    1,000+ posts: 0.002 BTC
    This will be credited in 2 weeks so you'll be rewarded with the amount of posts you have when the time is up, 
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    Andr33i reacted to Dan in 📢 Cool new feature!   
    Hi All,
    Today's update includes some cool new chat flair to show off when talking to others on Primedice. Those of you who are active on the forum, will receive a special ? emoji next to there name as a sign of appreciation for your contribution to build this amazing community. Currently the activity meter is determined by activity over a 24 hour period, but we will actively monitor this to see what is best suited to this cool new feature. 
    Thank you once again for being great ambassadors of Primedice, much love!
    Edit: For those who haven't refreshed your Primedice window, you may need to give it a quick reload to be able to see the emoji.
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    Andr33i reacted to bloomy in What's your favorite movie Genre?   
    lol.. face your fears but ofc because i like horror movies tho
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    Andr33i reacted to anbushinta in What are you watching ?   
    i just watched despicable me 3 with my 2 year-old son 
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    Andr33i reacted to eldrindcm in Last letter game   
    I don't know where you got the last letter ?? Should be "R" not "E"  But nvm, will just continue
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    Andr33i reacted to rembo2 in 🏆 Design new signatures for Primedice forum!   
    Username: zambidis
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    Andr33i reacted to salimecka in 🏆 Design new signatures for Primedice forum!   
    Username: salimecka
    good quality: https://imgur.com/mRT0peB.png
    My entry:
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    Andr33i reacted to chaitanya in 🏆 Design new signatures for Primedice forum!   
    Username: chaitanya31

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    Andr33i reacted to DreamStage in Last letter game   
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    Andr33i reacted to DreamStage in What is your favorite giveaway games..   
    Every kind of Giveaway is acceptable Talkative & Bingo are by far the Best ones.
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    Andr33i reacted to Gamsa in What is your favorite giveaway games..   
    Olega twich my favorite giveaway
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    Andr33i reacted to maverick528 in Why did you stay?   
    Maybe it´s not fair to compare Primedice with Stake because Stake is so new that there are lots of work to be done yet.
    Primedice is very mature now, but this is also the result of the good work put on it through several years.
    I use PD because it is fast, works as intended, night mode is easy on the eyes (I use it 24/7), low house edge, and lots of friends here, some of them don´t want to move to Stake (yet).  The chat is also different in PD than in Stake, but ofc maybe that will change in the future......
    Stake will get better with time, that´s for sure, and more ppl will move there, but don´t think anybody will stop coming back to PD, it is love that won´t  disappear.
    Now talking about the incompetent Mods in Stake mentioned in some comment, like it also happened in PD, people will learn to do a better job day by day, it isn´t as easy as it looks and sadly maybe some will leave, as it also happened in PD. But everybody is working hard to make things in the best possible way. Some people will be brighter than others doing this, but all persons have a light and life is about trying to find that place where you can shine more and be happier.
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    Andr33i reacted to maliafka in In my ass game :P   
    You can live on heaven.. in my asss)))