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    kleinerwicht reacted to MateuszHDHR1 in change seed vs. refresh vs. change sides   
    no offence but you guys really don't understand math at all
    every single roll is random, and every next roll does not remember the previous one
    a seed gives u line of infinite amount of numbers which can be actually bad or good for you depends on luck
    changing a seed will give u other line of numbers which contains other rolls, but still they are random.
    Let's say you rolled 20 reds in a row 2x payout, it was 100-120nonce on your seed, you change seed to get better and actually you just met up with a seed with 20 first nonces are reds for u...
    This is all RANDOM
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    kleinerwicht reacted to goldbtc77 in Strategy   
    Everyone! Hi
    who has a new strategy @Primedice@
    And what profit 
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    kleinerwicht got a reaction from MrKnight8686 in Script for Program Mode DiceBot - Fishing At Ten   
    dicebot uses lua for it's scripts
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    kleinerwicht got a reaction from JstLikeMagyk in Have $298 Venmo need $250 btc   
    Lol guys, it's really so nice that you offer your referral-links