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  1. Haha
    Zephiera got a reaction from merlyn22 in whats the craziest things u did when u were still young?   
    I see mmm nonetheless he had the guts that time. I'll never let anyone like him get close to my children even if it because my child did some crazy thing. Come on!it's a child 
    I remember the time when I used to hide loaf bread in our vase just because I don't wanna share it to anyone.  When I'm hungry I just go to my secret vase then get some bread and eat quickly hahahaha! 
  2. Haha
    Zephiera got a reaction from RabMalfoy in How to remove pimples (effortless)   
    Yes you can take BCP just like other men. They are gay though. They use it to reduce manly hairs specially mustache. It also helps them add a little bit of fat to their chest/breast.  
  3. Like
    Zephiera got a reaction from Bojana in Duplicate topics on stake allowed?   
    Finally! an answer directly from them. Thanks so much Bojana . I agree that we should not be copying it as is.
  4. Haha
    Zephiera reacted to Mistletoe in Cat or dog?   
    Dog. They'll never leave your side. Unlike cats, dont feed them, you sure wont see them the next day. 
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    Zephiera reacted to connesa in Anime fanatic   
    ha ha ha they cut that on t.v i only watch it full in you tube now.its like a puzzle for me before coz some parts are skipping now i know.
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    Zephiera reacted to connesa in dealing with self confidence/feeling rejected   
    no need to be sorry....my weakness becomes my strength im thankful of whatever happens to my life.coz of all those hardships im learning,im fighting,and i build my self as i am today.that past will always be a part of me.and as i see my self now i cannot see the woman that i am before.god will always have his own ways and in his own time in his own plans.
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    Zephiera reacted to Mistletoe in Vitamins   
    Youre a parent. Getting your kid diagnosed by strangers over the internet will not help.
    We can always recommend something that works the best for us but that doesn't mean itll work the same for you. 
    Its always better to see a professional especially if the health of your kid is on the line.
  8. Haha
    Zephiera got a reaction from Carollzinha in When I was a kid...   
    Well yeah but that is not they way parents introduce it to their child  Lieeeeees!
    @Carollzinha your mother threw it in a bottle of alcohol?that is so cruel and heartbreaking >_<
    Okay another thing that I believed that was real when I was a kid is..
    Aswang (shapeshifting monster) - I've heard a lot of stories from my relatives and other people but there is no solid proof about it. Example of aswang is manananggal. What's weird about it is thay they always represent a female human . This things flies by leaving half of her body. They say thay you can kill it by putting salt on the other half. That thing usually target pregnant women and they easily detect them by their scent. They will fly on your rooftop and create a hole while the pregnant woman is asleep. Then slowly extending her tongue into your stomach. 

  9. Sad
    Zephiera reacted to merlyn22 in Tokhang   
    To all my fellow country people. What can you say about the rules now implemented ??? The police now a days do house search and some of people died. They always says its "nanlaban" not all drug addict some of them is just miss identity. Are you guys still in favor of that??? Would u think this administration more safe than fast??? Let me here it from here
  10. Haha
    Zephiera reacted to Mistletoe in Describe your Sex Life using a Movie Title   
    I just realize I didnt describe mine.
    Mine will be: How to Train Your Dragon 
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    Zephiera got a reaction from Mistletoe in Provincial Rates (Philippines)   
    The place where I'm living right now is considered as a province so factories, companies, etc. here gets the minimum wage (provincial rate). I hear a lot of complain about it because it is true that the cost of living is just the same on the city. I don't get it why they won't regulate the prices on that area if they will implement it on their salaries. If there is a rate on their salary, be sure that it would match the cost of living on that area! Else, abolish that provincial rate because it is not helping in many ways! 
  12. Thanks
    Zephiera reacted to Mistletoe in If you're single and have to choose for a date from a PD user   
    I'm not single. But if I would have a chance...I will choose you @Zephiera ;>
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    Zephiera got a reaction from Mistletoe in Tamang Grammar   
    Para sakin ang pag short cut ng salita ay okay lang kapag sa text, messenger, atbp. Pero pag forums ang pangit tignan at ang hirap basahin kapag may ganyan.  Minsan naman kumpleto yung salita pero ibang klase yung spelling.