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    Zephiera got a reaction from fabianabank in Seven Breathing Techniques to send anxiety far away   
    Lol that's good if you were doing it ever since. I think I should print out methods like this one. I always forget to practice these techniques because I'm busy at work. 
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    Zephiera got a reaction from CryptoDadlol in Intermittent Fasting - Losing 50lbs in 6 months no Exorcise!   
    When I was in my 20s I always wanted to gain weight because of my fast metabolism. But when I started to work I eventually got what I wanted. But it didn't stop so now I want to lose weight hahaha. I now watch what I eat because it is not the same anymore as time goes by. Some foods that I can easily burn before quickly turns into fats!  
    I think I can cut out bread but why cut the Cow Milk? D: I love drinking it. 
    I lot of people are on Keto diet and I can see a lot of good feedback and they swear by this diet. 
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    Zephiera got a reaction from annelalaine in Anyone here can relate me.   
    Sis! do not think that this is the end haha. There's a lot of dating apps/site that you can use but be careful when you decide to meet someone you just knew from the internet.
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    Zephiera reacted to Zoltan in Betting on 1.01x and 50x payout   
    First of all, i would like to state, that THERE IS NO SAFE GAMBLING. It is all based on luck, you can have a winning strategy and win for weeks even months, thinking if you keep to continue to go slow you will never bust. But random is really random, you can never know when an insanse streak or bad luck happens. It is really important to set a goal, which is not unrealistic, and if you reach it, then cashout and try again, with low amount. In this case it is also important, that if your next try is not so successfuly and you bust quickly, then dont get greedy or impatient and make bigger deposit to earn it back quickly. Just be patient, and try to forget your losses.
    I have tried many strategies in the last 4 years, all of them worked for a while, until they didn't  Luckily i was able to stop after i lost my balance what i had for gambling, and never touched my cold wallet. I hope you all can manage this too! I had realised one interesting fact though, whenever i shared something with friends, it went bad. Like i jinxed my luck... Therefore i won't share a strategy i am using now, but will share one, i made around 0.4 btc with. Of course it was easier back then, because faucet was higher, but considering the btc price, you can still make a few dollars per day with it.
    It happens often, that a specific payout won't hit for a while. You can decide if you want to play from faucet, in which case it is risk free but also slower. What i did, that i bet my faucet at 98% and waited for a red. After i hit a red, i went all-in with faucet at 50x payout. And did this for another 29 rolls. If there was no hit, then i bet again at 98% until the next red. After that all-in faucet again at 50x payout. After a green you can continue to bet again at 50x payout for another 29 rolls, it happens quite often that you have 2 50x payout within 30 rolls and i was playing for it. Sometimes i changed my payout to 100x, whenever i felt like it would hit. My luckiest day was 6 wins, some of them 50x and some of them 100x. Of course there can be a day, when you won't hit anything, but as long as you play from faucet it is safe, and it doesnt take much time, especially if you are online in chat often.
    What you can also do, that you play on 10x payout from faucet, and after you hit it, you can bet that win 10 times at 50x payout. I know this is not a bulletproof strategy, but it is safe, and i made 0.4 btc with it, in around 2 months. Faucet back then was 3k satoshi, which means, that with 100 satoshi now, it would mean around 0.013 BTC in 2 months. If you have higher faucet then it could be more, if you want to have an estimate for a monthly income, just multiply this 0.013/2 with your faucet/100:  (0.0065*faucet/100)  With current btc price it could mean 50-60$ per month, which is a nice amount of spending some time at PD. It was good for me, because as a moderator i am online a lot, so a coupel more clicks, was not a big effort from my side and at least i could get some satoshi. Of course sometimes i got bored or impatient, and went for high wins, or after a 100x hit i made some all-in at 1.1x payout. But it could end badly really fast, so if you hit a 100x payout just take it and don't risk more
    I hope you won't feel bored while reading this, and if you have any questions, hit me up!
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    Zephiera got a reaction from CaptainLorca in Last letter game   

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    Zephiera got a reaction from dmbadillo10 in 90BTC - Whatcha Gon' do With it?   
    we will have a lot of channels after that hahaha
    English channel #1 to million
    I am online during my break. 
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    Zephiera got a reaction from CryptoDadlol in Was Eve really the first woman?   
    According to Mr.Google she is the first woman on earth. Maybe there is a reason why the Catholic church did not make it official. There are also some books that were not included in the mass production of the bible because of the powerful scripts that those books contains. 
    Vatican Secret Archives -> Grimms' Fairy Tales
    Mass produced Bible -> Disney
    This is how I see the difference between the two records. This is what they taught us and this is our knowledge about the bible.  Just like how Disney presents their stories. If you read the original, you will not like it. 
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    Zephiera got a reaction from dmbadillo10 in 90BTC - Whatcha Gon' do With it?   
    I was there that time. I would do the same! invest and save. I'll leave some money to bet again but won't do that big amount. Can't be so lucky twice ?
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    Zephiera reacted to Mistletoe in 90BTC - Whatcha Gon' do With it?   
    i would buy an island and cause a tsunami in pd chat
    i would buy an island and cause a tsunami in pd chat
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    Zephiera reacted to Mistletoe in Magandang wallet   
    ewan ko din eh. malabong ma pishing ako. so tingin ko talaga malware. 
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    Zephiera reacted to dmbadillo10 in 90BTC - Whatcha Gon' do With it?   
    Heya rollers and rolletes!
    While some of us are sleeping, some are at work and some are still rolling and talking in the chat room, a sudden player (or it sounds better if called "playa") appeared and played on the High Rollers section.
    The guy made us rampage over the chat room as we watched him roll. (I was online but was not paying attention on the high rollers section and was busy oozing the faucet ???).
    Who's the guy anyway. Some says or making jokes that the guy was ED. But I think, "Nah".

    The guy goes with the user name "chaNo8pha". And yes, what you see on the screenshot is true as cryptocurrency.
    He rolled 362 times, and only won 34 times at this strategy. See the screen shot below:

    It is a very risky, and very low win chance. But hey, the lucky "playa" nailed it and took home 90BTC!! Young money beybe! ????
    Then, what will he do with that mountain of BTC? Nobody know really. But it I were him, here's what I'll do:
    1. Im going to withdraw 80BTC and immediately convert it to my currency, and transfer it to my bank account.?? (for my kids' future.)
    2. I'll rain 1BTC to the online users and the Mods, and the Supports. ????❤??
    3. I'll put 4BTC on an exchange or a cloud mining site.???
    4. I'll roll the 5BTC remaining. ?? I might win 90BTC again. ??
    How bout you? What will you do if you were "chaNo8pha"? We'll we ever see him come back and rolk again?
    BTW, this is the only bet ID i got. You can check it out for real: 21,602,479,778. ??
    Well chaNo8pha, congratulations and make good use of that bunch of BTCs man. ??
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    Zephiera reacted to Mistletoe in How do you attempt to prevent busting?   
    Same  i just come in chat whenever i need a break
    Man, It's so tempting! So difficult to fight the urge to make it a whole number
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    Zephiera reacted to Mistletoe in Magandang wallet   
    Hindi naman yung wallet yung nahack. Pd account mismo
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    Zephiera reacted to GokuHF in 5th task for ALA - Goku's PD song :)   
    So the video is delayed, my camera is pretty 2007 haha. But it's better than no entry right?
    Well, it's another day, I'll jump onto primedice
    My faucet is ready, I guess that'll suffice
    What multiplier should I use?
    I don't want to lose.
    Maybe I'll go for the 2x or 4x
    And if i double it, i'll just double my bet
    I'm praying that It goes green
    Oh wow, a red it seems
    And now, I have to wait
    I've lost my faith
    3 minutes and then
    I'll roll again
    Oh hey there's a tip, more satoshi
    Please goku don't get greedy
    Slow and steady will win the race
    A red in my face
    Listen to the cries of all the people in the chat
    I just busted that's a fact
    I guess I'll just wait for the the next event
    Cos everything I've spent
    And now, I have to wait
    I've lost my faith
    3 minutes and then
    I'll roll again
    There's no need to post my bet
    My match I've met
    Next time, I'll keep
    Time to go to sleeeeeeeep
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    Zephiera reacted to Bojana in 5th task for ALA - Goku's PD song :)   
    Omg, @GokuHF, you nailed this oneeeee! I'm loving it, you did the lyrics and all ♥ 
    Everyone, Goku and I had idea to make a collage video with all of us in it a bit, and to sing some PD song  Maybe we can save that for the next week, in case the tasks allow us  

    THANK YOU, GOKU, really digging this one! <3
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    Zephiera reacted to athena2007 in Giveaway: Write me a poem :)   
    Put our money on the line
    Rolling beats doing a crime
    Im not sure which way to go
    My brain says high but I go low
    Everytime wished i had  hindsight and the know
    Do not give up on the roll
    Im not happy until i  reached my goal
    Can't win 77.77  jackpot without any  luck
    Enjoy everyone who gives a Fxxk
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    Zephiera got a reaction from Mistletoe in what will you do if get you angry?   
    Well..people change! ? Well I guess my method is not applicable to the topic anymore. But it is better right? Haha. Well sometimes if I can't help it, I tap the table or wall so hard. ?
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    Zephiera got a reaction from Mistletoe in Primedice   
    So I need to feel it right..right?haha. Is that how it works for ya? Lol. Okay I take that advice/strategy ? thanks
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    Zephiera got a reaction from bellapelle in Giveaway: Write me a poem :)   
    Haha this is a good one! I thought something is wrong with the post because there's a captcha in it haha ?. I'm gonna pray to St.Nakamoto now ???. And oh! there's no bus on those pictures! ?
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    Zephiera reacted to Dboyeric in The best moment of your life   
    that is nice, you can also refer him to primedice. because there is alot to be made on primedice
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    Zephiera reacted to rembo2 in How do you attempt to prevent busting?   
    Zero balance helps me stop
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    Zephiera reacted to Mistletoe in How do you attempt to prevent busting?   
    And you even name it, huh? Lol just take a break. Like an hour when you feel it's getting you 
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    Zephiera reacted to Mistletoe in When Do You Stop?   
    Like 1k sats on a 9900 payout?
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    Zephiera reacted to Mistletoe in Giveaway: Write me a poem :)   
    My first time writing something like this. here we go!
    Playing safe is what on my mind
    Rolling with small payout is what I tried
    It was a couple of green at first tries
    Maybe I should raise the bet 5 times?
    Exactly the time I raised the bet,
    Devastating reds swarmed as I sweat
    I decided to hit the max button
    Calling St.Nakamoto to bless the roll button
    Ended with a bust; now help me choose which is the bus?

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    Zephiera got a reaction from CaptainLorca in The best moment of your life   
    The best moment of my life lately is when my 'special someone' made me realize that he's doing everything to make sure that he is ready for our future by showing how dedicated he was in earning extra income. It made a great impact to our relationship.