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  1. Isnt it the opposite? The less you do it,the more sexually frustrated youll be
  2. Unang kong impresyion, kala ko kung anong sabon. no joke
  3. Kung shortcut yung text, hindi naman sya masyadong problema para sakin. Pero yung dadagdagan mo pa ng mga letra yung isang salita o iibahin mo yung mga capitalization para magkaron ng "design", yun ang mejo masakit sa mata. Pero syempre too much is not good either. Wag naman sobrang shortcut.
  4. Mistletoe


    Hi guys, created this thread to find fellow motorcycle rider who enjoy going to different places with just their bikes Please share the following: Model of your bike: Your top speed: Longest drive you ever had: (km and hr) Worst experience: Tips for fellow rider:
  5. Its always worth it to know as many language as you can especially if the language can do/support a lot of amazing things. However, if you are someone like me that is very busy studying other things, i wouldnt waste my time if i think i wont be using it anytime in the future.
  6. Node js isn't enough. In order to be able to make a site like this, you have to be well versed with different web PL and scripts. Bootstrap could save you a time though in terms of design As for the big wallet, I don't think the devs would design it that way. Too risky. My guess is new wallet per user
  7. Parang coins lang din ba yun? And magkano cashout fee
  8. I see. How about there's a maximum number of post every 1hr and 2hrs etc Or maybe, each post should be checked/approved first by..like a mod before it gets posted?
  9. They don't embalm remains there?
  10. There is nothing wrong with Religions. The problem are the people who follows the religion and their unjust belief in exercising it. In short, it could be good if the people follows it in the "good way" and could be bad if they follow it in the "wrong way"
  11. Two is indeed better than one. However, this could not be applied in all aspect of life. Anyone CAN have different opinions regarding this matter but if you were to ask many, or me, it's a No. Why? Because I'm a real man.
  12. *Bump* Today is the 8th day. Waiting for an update for this one
  13. I'm just new here so I don't know much about how mods run the forum. Just my cents, how about penalizing only the spammers instead of the whole community? Or there are more reasons behind disabling the feature?
  14. I'm a newbie and the 100 sats I got from the start went up to 130~ then down to 30~ then up to 100~ and now its 0.00000000 I read this advice too late.... *snift*
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    Newbie lang ako pero naappreciate ko yung importansya ng post na to. Kung dadami ang spammer at non constructive posts, maraming pwedeng maging changes sa sistema ni PD na hindi natin magugustuhan. Isa na jan ang pagbaba ng reward per post na sana naman ay di mangyari.
  16. Thanks for the heads up. Buti nakita ko agad to. Gumana ba yung strategy na transfer transfer nalang? Or gumamit ka nalang ng ibang alternative for coins.ph?
  17. 3 Idiots Click Both amazing and makes you think about how youve been running your life. *snift
  18. Huge breed of dogs. Mainly Belong to family of Mastiff. If I would get a chance I want a Tibetan Mastiff. But shizz, that ancient breed is most expensive breed in the world.
  19. Mistletoe

    How to train a puppy

    Training a puppy depends on what trick you want your puppy to learn. My only piece of advise is don't let your pup get used to human food(example hotdogs or nuggets) because this is what you gonna be using to reward your pup everytime he does the correct thing. Otherwise, he won't be excited to the reward anymore which makes the whole training more difficult for you.