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  1. Just like how historians tell the legitimacy of other artifacts. They get the a sample from the item and carbon-date it. The result will be when did the item was created. If it was around the year where Judas is still alive, then its pretty much legit. And again, the book turns out to be as old as the books we have in our Bible. @Kurian yes, they gathered all the books they found and include only those books that does not tell anything against the story that we know today. But I do believe that they didn't burn the rest of the books cuz those are artifacts of a religion. It must be hidden somewhere like at the library of Vatican.
  2. Indeed. In my theory, old Christians stick to the story we know today because itll be difficult for the religion to spread or get followers if the story will change. Not ti mention the risk of losing followers.
  3. Describe your sex life using only a movie title for fun! Blacklisted Movie titles: - The Fast and Furious - Gone in 60 Seconds - The Dark Knight Rises
  4. Have you ever heard of Gospel of Judas? It's another book discovered by our archaeologist that when carbon-dated, turns out to be as old as the books added/found in our Bible. The Gospel of Judas is telling a complete different story of what our current Bible tells today. Judas is good and he's Jesus' most trusted disciple. To summarize the whole story, it says that Jesus hand picked Judas and told him personally that Judas should betray Him so He could fulfill His destiny to be crucified and resurrected which will bring salvation to the humanity. And being a good disciple, Judas followed Jesus even though its against his will. What are your opinions about this? The book has a point though, without Judas, Jesus destiny won't be fulfill. He's playing a big role which resulted for him to be hated by all.
  5. Mistletoe

    Life after Death

    There are cases where babies are born then they tend to get back the memories they had in their previous life as they grow. Some were able to tell their "new parents" to go and visit his family in his previous life. Some were also able to speak a language fluently that isn't possible for a kid to learn in where he is. While this tend to happen, experts says they somehow lose those memories again as they grow old and acquire new memories. With so many documented cases, its hard not to believe.
  6. Our planet is just a tiny grain in the vast universe. Isn't it selfish to think that we're the only living thing in the universe?
  7. "In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take ....and the chances we bust"
  8. I shouldn't have read that last part. Now I cant get it off of my head anymore. >< "La da da da da da La, Da Daaa~"
  9. @TheArrenbad timing bro. Pay per post has just been discontinued. Though you can still earn from giveaways. Good luck.
  10. Welcome @cashonline. Hope you earn a lot of cash online!
  11. I'm not single. But if I would have a chance...I will choose you @Zephiera ;>
  12. For real? Ganyan pala tingin sati. Pinoy ba pinakamarami dito sa PD?
  13. Deym. My palms are already soaked in sweat with just 500 sats bet!
  14. My biggest bust is also my biggest bet and the biggest sats I earned so far in PD. From faucet, I was able to creep it up to 500 then because some says you have to be a risk taker to earn, I bet my beloved 500 sats hoping to double it. Lesson learned.
  15. ^ true. Di mahirap intindihin user interface ni PD. Napaka user friendly. Though it would be great kung magkakaron app
  16. Im new in bitcoin. When was this 1btc = 80€?
  17. @Zephiera well at least dito lahat same rate
  18. Aw. So pag tapos mo salestalkin na sumali dito, sesalestalkin mo pa nag mag cash in.
  19. I shouldtstart saving this 100sats from faucets. We never know how much it is gunna be in the future.
  20. I knew it Pablo Escobar is just hiding somewhere.. I knew it Pablo Escobar is just hiding somewhere..
  21. Dude thats already 1 condo unit! What was the result?
  22. Post here the biggest bet you made in dice and the outcome, just for fun.. ...and to inspire their others
  23. Ako pinaka mataas ko palang is 500 sats. Galing pang faucet at gambling . Sana dumami pa giveaways lalo na discontinued na PPP
  24. Most of the comments is sa pag bibitcoin. Meron ba kayo other aside sa bitcoin? Like Peko Peko(wala na sya ngayon sad)