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  1. Mga ponzi tawag jan marami na bibiktima jan one reason kaya inalis ng Facebook yung mga ICO ads sa Facebook kasi karamihan talaga ay scam.
  2. Of course. You just have to contact the support and verify your account ownership.
  3. I understand that we find and try different ways to mine and get btc or whatever coin we are eyeing, however your security shouldn't be comprised. using an ad-on is way too suspicious to me. Some could be legit, but as a person that consider this field as a playground, this is just another way to get the credentials of the saved accounts in your chrome browser.
  4. Ahh ok. Sayang naman ng dali sana mag airdrop and trading :D. Oh well
  5. Is he dead??!!! He must be just bz though. Hopefully.. Anyways cheers to us for keeping the forum alive \:D/ #spamSquad
  6. Mistletoe


    Nakakainis naman kasi mga airdrop groups sa tele.. Puro refs..
  7. Haha sana lang. Ang ganda ng combo na ginawa nila. Exchange site + eth wallet. Hindi ko pa nabusisi masyado yung exchange site nila, pero pwede ba tokens don?
  8. Good for you! Though i still cant belive the INTJ is not the rarest of all!
  9. No. Once nasayo na yung sats, bahala ka na kung san mo gagastusin to. Up to you kung gagastusin mo sa gambling or hindi.
  10. Quick question erc20 address ba tong eth nito? Pwede nakatanggap ng token? Kasi kung oo, nako mas madali na mag aidrop nito lol
  11. Congrats! But why do you say, you hope you can stay a lil longer? Are you dying???!
  12. sad to see people going. While I hope to see you around again sometimes, whatever site you choose to play, may you have an amazing experience in gambling. Good luck!
  13. .some cant too. and I was logging a while ago. but i can get in now. must be a server problem..?
  14. we can open PD currently. try other browser. or clear cache and data
  15. official fb group din sya ni primedice specifically for pinoys nga lang. tinatanong nya about Facebook page. hindi itong forum na to
  16. yep, pero usually hindi naman ginagamit ang static ip ng mga normal internet user. by default its, dynamic. unless you need a static one para sa business mo or stuff
  17. update, nag email na saking yung cs ni coins, tapos na daw beta testng kaya di na ko nakasama wtf sinasabi sabi pa nila na kasama na daw ako wait lang daw ako ng beta testing link. pfft mga paasa </3
  18. hindi naman siguro. gambling site kasi ito unlike bitcointalk. Hindi naman lahat nag gagambling. incentive lang na mga naglalaro dito maka earn ng sats per post.
  19. Finally it's lowered. This is what I've been waiting for I missed the withdraw button. felt like a decade!
  20. nag babago ip kapag nirerestart router. kumoconnect yung router sa pinaka malapit na tower ng kung ano mang ISP mo kaya mag babago din IP mo.
  21. happy anniversary to you Mirela and more awesome years to come! leaving this photo here so everyone would crave for one :
  22. ya sa gmail ko sila kausap. until now wala padin feedback kung ano na update kelan ba matatapos beta testing?
  23. haha what i mean is we can have a game or maybe a giveaway where we will have to shape a letter in this graph in a certain payout maybe in races?( @Bojana @Irena ) unless this can be cheated like in inspect element.
  24. nag sabi sila sakin isasali daw nila ako sa beta testing. Hanggang ngayon, matatapos nalang beta testing, di padin ako naadd sa whitelist lol. oh well..
  25. Congrats to this @CryptoDadlol and more to come! though I'm curious how much was your initial balance. i like asking it for motivation ^^