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  1. Nice!! Belated happy birthday @Sweeet. Hope you had a blast!
  2. I did. I dont eat leaves too to save mother earth from global warming! #NoToVeggies!
  3. Im interested to know what's the highest red streak zbot got so far @Zoltan
  4. If gf goes silent, it's a sign to me. Stop with whatever you're doing
  5. @Bojana can we request to ban our bank accounts for a period like 30 days?
  6. @bloomy yes. When is yours @ravenyvolle it even took me 52425271637287 days before i finnaly have the guts to post a photo here! @fabianabankim already married....... to my dog Lol
  7. *crawls out of my pit* This is me. Nice to meet y'all!
  8. Hmm this is interesting. How do you get placed on the ranking? You just have to trade a huge amount? Is the ranking based on the etn coin trading only or overall?
  9. Im dead curious to know about this too. @Edward tell us the story behind it And oh! Stake too pleasee
  10. Baka naman kaya lagi mo na nakikita kasi sinearch mo sya dati? Ganyan kasi minsan si google eh papakita madalas pag once sinearch mo
  11. 1m within just 10 days! :0 I bet youll get 3m by the end of this! imagine if you do this for 1 whole year
  12. @lupandina poloniex was my first choice too for exchange. But i cant seem to verify my account there and I never bothered contacting the cs as i have heard they never respond back well at least now i know it takes about 4 months. Good to know theres still some life forms going on in there i like binance for the friendly user interface too and because they have app unlike many other exchange site. Ez to use and their support responded to me literally after 10 mins of my email. However, the site is fairly new so im not expecting it to be as secured as the old ones..
  13. Well dmb wants a tab. What about you? What are you gonna do with those savings after a month?
  14. @bloomy yes i love these friends. They tryna surprise me on my birthday. Omg I'll just pretend that i havent seen through it yet. @dmbadillo10 i couldnt thank you enough for all of this.. I will think of you every night.. .. At 3am..
  15. So many peeps trying this. And yes, it's more fun to do this if someone else is doing it too. good luck guys!
  16. Oh wow raven, you too? I mena... @dmbadillo10 and @ravenyvolle.. You guys dont have to do this for me you know..... Good luck and thank you!
  17. Good luck with this dmb! Thank you for doing all these for my tab!
  18. Mistletoe

    Talking to Pets

    My dog likes checking out the fridge whenever i open it. Im pretty its because she likes the cold. And because of this, she knows wheres the hiding place of my fav foods in the fridge..... .. i hide from my siblings >.>
  19. I havent tried all the exchange site so i might sound bias if i say Binance(since its the one im using) but l might go for the oldest one. It must be the most secured. Not sure which is the oldest exchange tho
  20. Im in! Lets du diz! @dmbadillo10 fun challenge lets do more something like this:)
  21. *cough*cough*cough*cough*cough* PD Chat: ravenyvolle: hahahah oh okay. innocent here. Hmmmmmmmmm
  22. Happy to read such events like this sometimes rather than people that defaulted from their loans and etc. Saulte to @BoRk
  23. 21933754168 placed by Mistletoe Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 1.01x Profit: 0.00000001
  24. Yep kaya yung sa ico ko ngayon iwiwithdraw ko na agad. 5$ na din naman sya. Ok lang kahit tumaas pa, basta ako naninigurado lanng