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    pdjunkie reacted to anbushinta in A whole new world.... or just an intro   
    Better said than any new members around. Hoping for your great feat and best of luck here in pd. I am a faucet player too and i like the whole point you wrote in your topic. ?
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    pdjunkie reacted to AHCareP in A whole new world.... or just an intro   
    You explained everything so beautifully. In fact, what you wrote, it's all true, I hope that these tips helped someone else, but I'm a fan of PD all these are obvious things)
    Good luck in the future)
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    pdjunkie got a reaction from Carollzinha in A whole new world.... or just an intro   
    I used to be a respectable member of society. I attended HOA meetings, was head of the PTA, and ran my own company. Then I found PrimeDice, and now I roll imaginary dice for imaginary money, humping the American dream.
    Name's PDJunkie. You can usually find me in the chat waiting on the next faucet, typing whatever comes to mind and usually trying to crack jokes. In the one week since I've started playing PrimeDice, I've laughed, I've cried, and I've been muted. (RIP) Unfortunately I'm just a faucet player but here's what I've learned so far.
    1. Have fun! 100sat isn't even a penny, it's gambling; plan on losing.
    2. Don't ask for tips, you'll get them when you get them 
    3. That strategy you think you have that beats the system, doesn't. Go ahead and hit that faucet button again.
    4. If you're lucky enough to deposit, good luck. It's probably better that I don't that option...
    5. Don't bother with Hunger Games, chances are you aren't qualified to play
    That being said, Welcome newcomers!  For the old school crowd, thanks for having me. Add me, we can be friends. I'm gonna go ahead and turn the volume up...
    I was gonna clean my room, until PrimeDice
    I was gonna get up and find the broom but then PrimeDice
    My room is still messed up and I know why
    'Cause of PrimeDice
    I was gonna go to class before PrimeDice
    I coulda cheated and I coulda passed but PrimeDice
    I am taking it next semester and I know why
    'Cause of PrimeDice
    Because of PrimeDice
    Because of PrimeDice
    BaGOOOOOCK! - oh yeah, you should send me replies.
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    As mentioned above, If you support or like a persons contribution. Instead of replying to their topic saying 'thank you', use the vote-up feature and give them some reputation!