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  1. Noeprellik1

    Ups and downs

    How you can make 700k from faucet, I wonder how ppl can make some balance only from faucet
  2. Noeprellik1


    Welcome to PD, happy rolling and keep green on rolling
  3. Noeprellik1

    LTC what's next?

    Lets wait for the next development by PD team.
  4. Noeprellik1

    What is the best multiplier?

    They said any multiplier except below 1.5x But in the end , it depends on our luck
  5. Noeprellik1

    What do you normally say when you bust?

    Damn, its not my lucky day
  6. Noeprellik1


    It is same like hashocean or bitsrapid. Like ultra said, its a ponzi which will end scam
  7. Noeprellik1

    Effective Settings for me

    On the stats it said profit -300k sats. Anyway thanks for sharing
  8. Noeprellik1


    Pls Help me
  9. Noeprellik1

    📢 Half a Decade of Primedice

    Happy 5th Anniversary , wish PD long live and still #1 online casino
  10. Noeprellik1

    🎉 5th Anniversary 🎉

    Happy 5th anniversary PD, more innovation, more giveaways 😁
  11. Noeprellik1

    And about the litecoin and the jackpot?

    Yes maybe the same percentage as bitcoin for minimum requirement
  12. Sometimes I changes client seed, sometimes I dont.