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  1. Noeprellik1

    Has crypto made you rich?

    Not yet, but hopefully it will make me rich 😆
  2. Noeprellik1


    Welcome to the community
  3. Noeprellik1

    What is the your favourite dice Strategies here?

    I like high payout like 99x or higher. Makes me feel satisfied when it hit green
  4. Noeprellik1

    My 1st day win 0.0015 to 0.012

    Co gratulations on your win. Withdraw and enjoy it
  5. Noeprellik1

    99x and 69.88x stategy.

    Risky bet but it worthed when you win
  6. Noeprellik1

    Imagine you won 8 bitcoins

    Donation, saving, investment, holiday, buy a house
  7. Noeprellik1

    Highest bet that you lost in a single bet?

    0.03 btc in 2016
  8. Noeprellik1

    If bitcoin dropped what would happen

    My view : other cryptocurrency will dropped too
  9. Noeprellik1

    Wow did bitcoin just drop about 700$ today ?

    Its time to keep bitcoin until it price rise again
  10. Just pure luck , strategy only bullshit
  11. Noeprellik1

    If you have 100Btc

    House, car, donation, charity, holiday and saving
  12. I like sweet mango
  13. Noeprellik1

    NEW POWtoken Allocation 500k free POW tokens

    Thank you for the info
  14. Noeprellik1

    Get free BTC legit !

    Thanks for sharing kate