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    ALIXGAMERXz got a reaction from Noahbreezy in 🏆 7th Talkative Giveaway 0.1 BTC Pool   
    i have just created another account my old ony was spamming account so yes .. is that ok to enter plzz reply !
    and thx for the giveaway 
    my pd username is : ALIXGAMERX
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    ALIXGAMERXz got a reaction from eldrindcm in how to deposit ??   
    guys can you tell me how to deposit i really do not know and i want to have some sat more than the facut thingy ??
    really ! 
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    ALIXGAMERXz reacted to RabMalfoy in close this account   
    Not sure if having 2nd account in forum is okay thou.
    But if its okay. Then good luck.