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  1. really i can see that fucking button up there but i just do not know what to do with the address thingy ! really f**cked people ! i am going f*ck this site wow you are so fucked up .. just for people who are taking that like i am spamming and kidding \
  2. you little sucker stop that ok ! f*ck off !!!
  3. guys can you tell me how to deposit i really do not know and i want to have some sat more than the facut thingy ?? really !
  4. lol i lost every thing using it do not do that bro
  5. really the person who used this sh** just lost everything even his life . lol
  6. just one thing do not trust all strategys ! some of them can cost you all your balance !
  7. hi guys ! i was searching for good strategy to win a lot in PD and look wut i found ? i think it is a losing strategy ? can you tell me your opinions ?? https://steemit.com/money/@oren730/my-primedice-gambling-strategy-earn-0-3-bitcoin-a-day-minimum-loose ! total lost 1.08250000 btc ! which is 4000 $ !
  8. i have just created another account my old ony was spamming account so yes .. is that ok to enter plzz reply ! and thx for the giveaway my pd username is : ALIXGAMERX
  9. woow thank you it really worked i thought it was just a bug in you pc !