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    manas13 got a reaction from MrNice23 in PD Players Association   
    like this idea it will be great and fun for all pd community. an slow like small merchandise like coffee mugs , key chains rings and pd pendents will also be a good idea to lunch so pd also lunch on site store for that
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    manas13 got a reaction from paul751 in ​​​​​​​Suppose u dipo like 10$/0.001btc.which payout u prefer to start   
    if i depo 10$ or less prefer to go with 1.3 and than 1.5 than 2x and than 3x is good for me till now but it will be every good if 10x works than all is good and better than others. so it depends up o n you what payout you are comfortable with
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    manas13 got a reaction from JohnTravel in How to win when you have small amount and bad luck?   
    If you are  in a bad phase of play nothing good amount to roll just relax take a break and think of new settings use small bets if it works go with it not for long just to a good amount to start over again. and bad luck is nothing just the time when we made bad decisions. so calm ant quite for sometime and go go 
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    manas13 got a reaction from JohnTravel in Do you think you are a winning gambler?   
    Till date i am wining but yeah there is few up and downs but still on profit .Going for small targets helps like trading is ok . but when we get in to recovery mood that is the time house wins most. my view
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    manas13 got a reaction from JohnTravel in Why do you lose at the end or almost near the end of the game?   
    At the end of the game or near the target 90% of gambler bust the thinking just get there now easy the joy and the excitement near the goal lead us to the bust. we do simple mistakes as manual player to get quick b et big or auto player take the unwanted  risk to get it quick . it take hrs to get there but to bust take a min.
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    manas13 got a reaction from MrNice23 in More Coins In Primedice?   
    Need some more good coins which price are in between  the available coins and need to be stable coins.and the trade volume is also good so the liquidity also available to guys who use them for gambling  
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    manas13 got a reaction from MrNice23 in How do you imagine the future of gambling ?   
    yep Vr is a good future but not only this table game but also some real actions and adventure games so also some child like games like word puzzels and many thinks that can change the game arena and many different type of GameBase also be there 
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    manas13 got a reaction from sankasanka in 7 btc hit 990x   
    This is pure luck which works once in a blue moon. and wining daily is another thing roll small with big balance get 10-20% profit get out is much more better than losing big. so with 1 btc 10% daily and compounding on every 10 days is good
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    manas13 reacted to UltraChief in Boomerang Or Fly-FIshing .. Beggars Technique   
    Few points I would like to remind you all.
    1. Do not tag/PM any mod/support to look into your issue. We will take action when we are online and have time at hand. We are humans and not robots staying up all day.
    2. Do not "feed the troll" - Ignore them.
    3. We appreciate reporting posts and that is the standard protocol for mods to double check threads. Reporting a post once is enough. No need to spam reports.
    4. If you have a personal problem with anybody take it to the PM. Do not spam on threads about it. Act like a mature adult and not like a 10year old kid.
    This is a verbal warning to everyone in this thread, by everyone I mean everyone. If this continues we will have follow it up with more stricter actions.
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    manas13 reacted to athena2007 in Boomerang Or Fly-FIshing .. Beggars Technique   
    Hey ya all so here we have the ..Fishing techniques they are methods for catching tips,,,,,,,,,,,,
    :BOMMERANG:   Technique  you throw small TIPS here and there and then you PM  and ask for some back but MORE...
    :FLY-FISHING:      Technique   same kinda end result throw a few TIPS here and there  high rollers are a premium and hope a high roller  or someone returns with a bigger chunk...
    :SPEARFISHING:   Technique  suspicious when people see someone tippin they imidiately say check pm to that person.,. hmmmmm whats that about
    :FISHING TRAWLER       Pms peeps says anything and everything to enduce tips. trying not to incriminate its self as a beggar ..pretending that its joking and saying im bust and im sad  by saying good hit becareful i have a good strat for you ect ect ...  in chat aswell ..
    :ANGLING WITH A ROD  Ok so this type of fisherman is a regular in chat or comes in chat saying busted im busted and so on ...what are they looking for SYMPATHY A FEW TEARS OR JUST PLAIN BEGGING ...
    :BLAST FISHING  Sending tips to youself with tip box unchecked and then checking box to send back so peeps think you are winning..HENCE the BOMMERANG FISHING  comes in they send u hoping for a bigger return.. 
    :REVERSE BOMMERANG  Best position is to receive boomerang and never throw it back. (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)
    :MOBY-DICK HARPON  Pick a whale and start to watch him in chat,   do not get distracted by anything else (including your usual fishing or,god forbid, gambling)  only react to his words,  laugh at his jokes, tentatively suggest some strats  and  Pm constantly .......when ready -strike!
    Eugene holds the copyright...Added by @veleten
    What are your thaught on this??? ..Do you know any other styles techniques of satoshi fishing ????? let me know ... i would love to see the response  
    :By the way no offence to the fishing comunity ..
    EXCLAIMER: These are all tounge in cheek comment if you are offended in anyway phone the police or the united nations ..

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    manas13 got a reaction from bauwerax in What do you think about avatar of user above?   
    Your avatar is looks cools bro real pic are  so good on avatar.
    and it define who you are  and what you are.
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    manas13 reacted to bauwerax in What do you think about avatar of user above?   
    Game is simple, people.Everyone is going to tell their opinion about avatar who posted their opinion recently.You can start to tell an opinion about my avatar, let's start! 😃
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    manas13 reacted to athena2007 in Telegram Passport Is Vulnerable to Brute Force Attacks   
    The recently released personal identification authorization tool Telegram Passport from messenger app Telegram is vulnerable to brute force attacks, according to an Aug. 1 report . 
    So telegram recenty launched a personal id system which lets the user share there ID thats like ico,s  and coins...and crypto wallets.. and you have to complying with know your customer (KYC) ...which doesnt make it a fool proof system... read from source and give your opinons please below,, 
    Source :https://cointelegraph.com/news/former-beverage-company-long-blockchain-corp-receives-subpoena-from-sec