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  1. Always avoid the scammers when know that he or she is a scammer. i generally block them and worn others to be look out or they will a victim too. some times we miss the con so that time we are do it late sharing the Intel is good to avoid scammers.
  2. Just check you habit drinking in front of computer it may not good in long run you better know how to take care. But coming to the point of drinking while playing i use to drink tea and coffee when i get bore so it happens in 3-4 hrs gape so still it good.
  3. I did not believe in bad luck but yeah bad things happens you it happens to you in wrong time it looks like bad luck bad its always there . luck is be at he right tiem at he right place bad luck is be at he wrong place ant the wrong time so i believe no such thing but yeah bad things out there.
  4. when it comes to your mind about crypto it bitcoins first hit the mind and the liquidity and the free from regulations is the main thing to make it more popular than others. and also you can keep secret of your funds and easy accessible. so it mo r e and more popular . instead of other coins
  5. like this idea it will be great and fun for all pd community. an slow like small merchandise like coffee mugs , key chains rings and pd pendents will also be a good idea to lunch so pd also lunch on site store for that
  6. Getting reach is another thing but yeah as you say setting goals day after day week after week and month after month will make some good money and eventually in some point of time you will be rich not only you every one will rich right approach to the life but also need some long time goal
  7. yeah breaks really help on every where if you are taking breaks it really improve your concentration and productivity and on games it will be more good effort less bust and good result you can evaluate your past play and produce good result in next round plan well and get more profit but breaks should me min 10-30 mins so it work well
  8. i also wd many but with all play grounds i manage to wd at-least 0.01 every day min target every day no mater which ground i play but yeah when i reach there than go for risky play some day it hit get more some day back to 0 but after wd i go risky
  9. yeah it always influence the game for every one who ever said i control my emotions is not correct. that also need emotions to control the things so every time every where in life emotion works without that you can not get going with life also