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  1. thx to all who take a part of LMS Game whit Makina and GZ to all Winners i will by back other day do some more
  2. sevensoft pick up 7x.xx 6x.xx going to mav and 1x.xx going to chat bot
  3. you will take a place for 0x.xx and we start Last Man Standing One more LMS Come ONe
  4. 0x.xx left and 5x.xx checkpoint plz change number if you want take a part of next LMS checkpoint take 5x.xx
  5. next round start in few minuts 0x.xx caroll 7x.xx Jenny
  6. Winner for 4 games IS BlindMe Next game start soon Place Pick up number we still playing 0x.xx ,1x,xx 2x,xx etc
  7. 5x.xx and 6x.xx left second win was mav third win was 1 Registernow