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    Watch nyo to mga sir, Baka makatulong din.
  2. Magkano charge sa bitbit tuwing mag wi-withdraw?
  3. Bago lang ako d2. Saan ba meetup location? Anong time. Ano purpose ng meet-up? thanks in advance
  4. I don't trust the idea very risky. Unless everything is automated.
  5. Hi guys, Salamat sa post na toh ang dami kung natutunan. I'm really having problem with coins.ph Ano requirements sa bitbit sa pag open ng account?
  6. Hi guys, I'm new here. Dami pala girls d2. Girls tunay nyo ba na mga pictures yang nasa avatar niinyo?
  7. Hi guys, I'm new here. I just want to say Hello. What are the things that I should read and know? Is there a pinoy here? Hi to kapwa ko pinoy. Thanks.