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  1. 3 accounts ???? what are you talking about ??? i have just created another account ! look i do not know why you keep doing that but i will never mind ok ! *you can bubble as you want
  2. you are right i should not mind about the pay per post . sorry ...
  3. guys sorry for spamming things i did before " i just did not know that some of my posts were spams " so i am leaving this account and starting a new one that i share on it meaningful topics and strategys and other things ! see you my new acount is ALIXGAMERXz !!
  4. ofc dude it is hard to find super strategy that will never die and will always works
  5. you should first buy some bitcoins and deposit them
  6. oh really sorry i did not noticed that type of forum please remove the downvote
  7. HI GUYS as i said i will publish some strategys ! and here we go . i called this strategy fluppy strategy " it will increase the wining profit " first start with am all number like "0.000005 "and make the wining chance "45%" and the first roll should be roll over"45.99" then roll it , if you lost double the amount, you should win " sometimes you may lost it is ok with small numbers" when you win make the roll is roll under "54.99" and just like the roll over .. and again change the roll under to roll over ..etc ! i hope that was a good strategy for you .. ofc there are better strategys but i am starting with this ! tell me yur opinions !! ses you guys
  8. i hit 99.99 once it took me 3k rolls ! it doesn't worth because you can lose all your balance while trying to hit that !
  9. i think yes it should cu 100 btc wagered is to high ! i agree with u dude . it will be more interesting