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  1. congratulation for all winner, you deserve it
  2. like always amazing work my friend . i need to make a better signature username : artcode
  3. i think its depends on your first step promotion strategy, first step are crucial PD already have a big benefits, and its PD name its self. but still First step are crucial
  4. learn technical analysis in trading world. and also update in news
  5. "he is not sure about you?" How can this be?
  6. lmao,this conversation has getting out of hands i thought first think we should talking about our ideal partner, now looks where it go note: @ravenyvolle who is "he" ?
  7. lmao dont take it seriously sis, im just joking around . its far ways out from my limit, to ask something personal like that ahaha no offence
  8. @connesa trolling #MakeThisGuyUpAndDown
  9. this video give me a smile Indians sure love dancing, am i right @Kurian ?
  10. firmly against scammers #KillsTheScammers
  11. really ? lmao i do not relise it lmao
  12. mr obvious a party popper .
  13. cant discribe it you already know ? unfair
  14. lmao, im not russian, just little bit typo there ""she might pick you as ideal partner"" i dont know how to react after read this word something feel just wrong for me
  15. #Curiosity Killed The Cat privete ? what about me? thats unfair #Curiosity Killed The Cat
  16. lmao same question in my head
  17. you cant make sell my lady not even with this world.
  18. lol just like me for now at least. been really busy this few month
  19. in my place its call kumbang
  20. great video, and also great adverstising from Bitcoin