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  1. Yeah, it's pretty much the same for me. And I've got them written down somewhere as well, just in case. Especially the keys that I have for my wallets.
  2. I guess you're right about that. I'll be thinking about it for the next times I'm gambling.
  3. Djeez what a hit! 7 LTC win! Go for it man!
  4. I think Edward mentioned something about that in the birthday stream. But I think Primedice wasn't really the first to do it, just the big OG player to change the whole game. Not at all sure about this tho.
  5. I listen a lot of rap these days. But not really the mumble type of rap. I've been listening A LOT of logic's songs.
  6. Yeah, they're completely different. Have you also noticed how one-sided their news is. I've never read anything bad about BCH, but all the other FUD will always be there. I like reading just the titles and see if anything interesting pops up.
  7. Yeah dicesites has helped me with almost every single strat I ever used. But all i manage to to is lower the odds of losing, but guarantee safety... That's not ever the case unless you have unlimited funds.
  8. Wow, I didn't know there existed a bot that works on Android. Wish I found this earlier, I've been looking for this.
  9. I never even think about that house edge. I really should because I REKT everything I had right before this market boom.
  10. Well yeah he was super lucky on HILO. It's unlikely anyone else will do the same. You could chase greens as well and look for about 19 greens in a row, increase 100% on win with a 485 sat base bet and you will have 1 BTC if you find that 19 green streak.
  11. If course it's possible, on stake someone won 2 BTC + with just 101 sats. Btw, if you haven't joined Stake yet... You should, there's a lot of games there as well. I can help you out with a ref link lol
  12. It is defenitely possible to win 1 BTC. But slow and steady, I don't think that's the way. I like the more aggressive strats.
  13. Bitcoin Haters --> Banks
  14. Haha, I used to watch a lot of anime so maybe that's where it comes from. I'm not sure I understood what you meant but I think that if you don't have emotions you won't think ahead. It's the emotions that make me think ahead; all the adrenaline, sadness and happiness as well that you feel during gambling make it hard for you to stay rational in gambling. Emotions are a gambler's biggest weakness. I'm not saying we should become robots, we're humans after all. But I think that it would often be useful if we can switch off motions for a short moment.
  15. Lol, it's funny how he's like: "oh you're gonna mute me? I dare you, I am VIP" *gets ban hammered immediately*
  16. I don't really get why you're pointing that out. If you have no emotions, you won't be just less emotionally responsive but you'll just not respond with emotions. And sometimes not having emotions could save you because instead of reacting to something with emotions you should've just done nothing.
  17. If that creates a huge lag in your pc then your pc is a probem. If the website is just reporting issues that's a different thing. I can run 2 tabs with Primedice along with a dozen other tabs no problem at all. One of the tabs with PD on auto might stop once every 10 mins because the bets are going too fast. That would be a very bad idea I believe. The server won't have a normal rate of bets to process constantly. But it'll get laggy because you'll be able to send in a thousand bets at once and if everyone does that... you'll get burning servers. Bad idea I do agree they could allow a bit faster speeds or find ways to make it faster. I do think they're working on improving that all the time tho.