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  1. Haven't been gambling most of quarantine, now I got back because of a big W with a bonus. And it's like they say, as soon as you start winning in a casino you lose all the rest 😁
  2. Only my brother knows I gamble online, but he's young and doesn't really understand what it means to gamble. No one else knows and I don't think they should know.
  3. That's a very simple one for me. Go back to when I was a kid, mine as much BTC as I can. Buy BTC from anyone who willing to sell it for almost nothing. Pretty much do everything I can to gather as much BTC as I can. Then come back here and be rich AF.
  4. Oh, I get what you mean. That's actually pretty smart. Didn't think about it that way but if you look at it like that then it's perfectly done.
  5. I won't even care because I'm drunk. In all this time that I have played and busted so many times, I care for about a day and then I just get over it. No regrets
  6. I will try them out for sure. Unfortunately I just busted my 700 sat ass. So will be for next time I guess.
  7. That is very much true, I'm just sharing it. You never know. Maybe someday even you could use it. Certainly as crypto is future
  8. Can be either the worst or the best. All the big wins I can remember today were yolo bets. I can imagine that being drunk makes it easier to do yolo bets.
  9. I've always thought the same lol. But never really went looking for an answer.
  10. All I know is that I will naturally tell them the most important things I learned in the few years I've used bitcoin. But I won't tell them to read the whitepaper because they probably won't understand. However, I will tell them to read this: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/explain-bitcoin-like-im-five-73b4257ac833/
  11. All I want is to keep my money myself. I don't want a third party to mess with it. Fuck the people saying "Oh why do you use Bitcoin, it's just virtual". Is the money on your bank account not virtual maybe? FIAT money is an illusion.
  12. Well, the news they give is allright. I just, sometimes, feel like what they say is biased because they pretty much work for Bitcoin Cash. Not the crypto community.
  13. Then share some with me hehe, I've not been able to do what you do...
  14. Bet: 32,495,279,441 placed by Noahbreezy on 02/07/2019 Wagered 0.00001024 Multiplier 2.05x Profit 0.00001075 I'm guessing your baby will weigh 6.82lbs. Congrats to you and your partner. A new family member always brings happiness!