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  1. Maybe I am, I don't know. I just can't really find a single argument that can prove to me God exists. They're all so weird or weak arguments.
  2. Huh? This is the off-topic category so we can post whatever we want here that doesn't belong in the other categories. Have you read all the rules before starting to post?
  3. I actually don't believe in an almighty either. I know a lot of people will call me crazy or will be shocked maybe. But I just can't make myself think and/or believe in such an almighty. I think everything we and our peers do has consequences and that's what has impact on our life. I don't believe anything is written by a higher force...
  4. Hey everyone, ever since I joined crypto I've always liked to be up-to-date with the latest news. For this I mostly heard everything from people all around and then I read about it myself later on. I've always liked learn through conversations instead of articles BUT, there's also one news channel I follow on Telegram. It's the official https://news.bitcoin.com/ telegram channel. I watch the article headlines and if there's something interesting in there, I'll probably read it. I like them because they're very quick with new updates and articles so I can be kept up-to-date for the bigger events happening. You should keep in mind that Bitcoin.com is owned by Roger Ver I believe and so they talk a lot about Bitcoin Cash specifically, but they'll write about all bigger news related to any cryptocurrency. I just wanted to share with you guys how I keep myself up-to-date but I was also wondering what news sources you find reliable or any other reason you use them? This is the telegram channel link https://t.me/www_Bitcoin_com
  5. I don't believe luck exists. It's a word that humans created to define the odds of something they can't calculate/comprehend.
  6. I would absolutely love to watch this movie. Saw the first one and l can't wait to see chapter 2. Let's go get Pennywise
  7. Didn't know about this until Eddie's stream. What an awesome story tho. What a waste of profits tho, he won more than the jackpot. I hope he'll win some more sometime. Good luck to him and all of you.
  8. I like what you made, I think this would've been a great competition idea haha Maybe for the 7th birthday. Best PD bday design wins something
  9. I've tried to recover my losses but I've actually never deposited more than I lost. I think it's not a bad idea to depo if you know you have a very high chance of winning the bet. But sometimes when you ahve been betting too risky it's better to just let it go and start over.
  10. It has had a positive impact and it did strengthen it, but in the end it will have a way bigger impact when the project launches. I don't believe in Bitcoin specifically being made for buying your coffee or small groceries. I see it more as a store of value such as gold even if it can be used to buy your coffee as well. I'd say faster transacting tokens and/or coins that have a protocol made for this would be better for this. A coin like Ether is fast and can use the contracts on the Ethereum platform which would be much more efficient.
  11. It was absolutely amazing! Eddie nailed it! I was having fun.
  12. Is drinking so much water part of your diet?