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  1. Hey everyone, the title says earn not win so yes this is going to be harder than just a few clicks. Basically, there's an app called Swissborg that's having a rewards campaign for referrals and they're giving away 1 to 100 EUR once to every person if you join through a referral link. Here is some reading about their company: https://swissborg.com/ Make sure to check if they support your country here: https://swissborg.com/supported-countries Supported Currencies: https://swissborg.com/supported-assets Now on to the steps about how you can earn your part! Use a referral link to join, ask a friend if they already have one or use mine to thank me. https://join.swissborg.com/r/noahKXUG Follow the steps all the way to downloading the app. Complete the verification process (KYC). For this you will need your ID and be able to make a selfie with the device you're using. Usually takes only a few minutes before they have verified you. Deposit 50€ worth of any currency they support. It is impossible to deposit without having completed the KYC process. You can withdraw this at any moment, there is no lock up period. As soon as the deposit has arrived you will be awarded with a random award somewhere between 1 and 100 EUR. Withdraw everything you earned unless you want to continue using the app. Withdrawing fee is 1€ so I hope you won more than 1€. Post any questions or missing info below and I'll answer them ASAP. Good Luck! 🍀 P.S.: Unsure if this is the right category.
  2. Only my brother knows I gamble online, but he's young and doesn't really understand what it means to gamble. No one else knows and I don't think they should know.
  3. That's a very simple one for me. Go back to when I was a kid, mine as much BTC as I can. Buy BTC from anyone who willing to sell it for almost nothing. Pretty much do everything I can to gather as much BTC as I can. Then come back here and be rich AF.
  4. Hehe, that bot would really help me. I need to find something else to do than gambling lol. I guess I will have to look even longer and closer
  5. Yes of course. I could use a small amount to test my strategy. Unfortunately I haven't really found anything yet that can really help me.
  6. Oh, I get what you mean. That's actually pretty smart. Didn't think about it that way but if you look at it like that then it's perfectly done.
  7. I won't even care because I'm drunk. In all this time that I have played and busted so many times, I care for about a day and then I just get over it. No regrets
  8. I will try them out for sure. Unfortunately I just busted my 700 sat ass. So will be for next time I guess.
  9. That is very much true, I'm just sharing it. You never know. Maybe someday even you could use it. Certainly as crypto is future