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  1. wow this strategy seems to work for me too!
  2. what is this Mr PD contest thing?
  3. Guys sorry i did not update on the progress because i stumbled upon 1000 ripples i had in some forgotten wallet, and started trading that. the challenge is still on though, however i will do it from next week, Stay tuned
  4. thanks for the strategy but that balance required is just too high for some of us
  5. Hey Art, Do what you were doing before the price went up! i don't think our luck on PD depends much on any price of bitcoin, so you should be able to gamble and get some bitcoins
  6. The value of bitcoin will surely hit 5000 before we know it
  7. oh okay that one i can do i think.
  8. Noah, I won't deposit any, because i have lost close to 500$ on primedice so far so i believe that is the maximum. Do you have any idea how i can prove to you that i haven't deposited? let me know
  9. Anti, I would imagine that it is using a hashing function of some kind
  10. Hello Dicers, On this date i am going to start a journey of making a full bitcoin from the faucet. as for now i have a 0.000004 faucet, and i am going to make it into a full bitcoin in 7 days After that i will share my strategy. And i am allowed to faucet as many times as i want, meaning that it won't matter how many times i blow up the account P: Watch this spot now at 550