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  1. I think these are high multiplier bets from the past... Looks like the old database is offline though. 18255208826 20537402052
  2. Ya, I was playing around with this a bit myself but I'm not too familiar with this stuff. Serlite said he was working on something though.
  3. Lol. That's rather unfortunate. I'm sure dark mode could learn to treat you better too.
  4. I don't know if there are any plans to bring back the dark/light mode settings, but it would be a welcome change. I've also seen people suggesting that there should be alternative colour schemes to choose from as well, which I think could be interesting. These wouldn't necessarily need to be created by the dev team either, they could just create guidelines and allow for user submissions from the community. If there was enough interest, it could even be a contest where users vote for their favourites (which would ultimately have to be approved by the dev team). Certain design choices, such as the use of the colour blue (which seems to be done for branding and recognition) could be made mandatory. Anyway, I think this could be fun, but I'm mostly wondering about day/night mode.
  5. I had started an unofficial thread for this purpose, but I think it was deleted.
  6. Mobile phone --> zombie
  7. Bet: 22,130,028,957 placed by xMossx on 18/04/2018 Wagered 0.00000500 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00005000 Bet: 22,141,272,606 placed by xMossx on 20/04/2018 Wagered 0.00000630 Multiplier 1.16x Profit 0.00000104 Bet: 22,138,933,645 placed by xMossx on 19/04/2018 Wagered 0.00000630 Multiplier 1.16x Profit 0.00000104
  8. But it says to hit at least 3, which seems to imply I'd submit more than 3.
  9. I'm a little confused by this. Should we submit every time we hit any of the numbers (with 100+ sat profit)?
  10. We should get a pile of poo emoji 💩 next to our name if we have wagered enough to make VIP and have negative profit. 🙃
  11. Nice one, good job. And thanks for sponsoring trivia earlier.
  12. No. the faucet is the same for everyone. It does not increase if you wager x amount.
  13. There hasn't been any reward for wagering over 40 btc for a while anyway - this would get you the copper coloured VIP tag. Anything over than just got you a different coloured VIP tag.
  14. Oh, haha. Ya, I don't know. It's whatever you want it to be. Believing is seeing.