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  1. I appreciate a staff finally responding Edward[/member] May you or MICRO please credit my primedice account the credits that I've sent? I've waited so long. Please let me know if I should PM you the details, or if you prefer just tell MICRO[/member] to credit me! Thank you so much
  2. MICRO[/member] Are you alive? I sent you credits on the 26th of May. I sent you the "48hr PM" multiple times explaining how I got the credits, etc. You haven't replied to any of my messages or credited my primedice account. What is going on? Why are you purposely ignoring my PMs.
  3. This is very possible but society has been raised to think that sex is one of the most important things in life.
  4. I dont think this is possible, although it would be pretty cool to implement I guess
  5. Me... people Don't? Wtf lol
  6. Why do you think so? Have you had a bad experience or something? Please share
  7. Posting to enter. Username: EarnMoney Thanks!
  8. Has this been credited? 1000 credits is 0.01 BTC so I will wait for that: ) Thanks
  9. Exactly Sometimes you can receive it quick but sometimes not because you never know how long confirmations can really take...
  10. I dont see why this is hard. For many years of our lives when we was youngins we didn't do it... so if a person really wanted to, he/she could
  11. Try to get help lol. I dont know if you are a religious person or have morals but for me that is wrong