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  1. I told my friend about it back in 2014 and he said "hey thats cool" and decided to buy 0.1, but got a new laptop and rip that $500. He said hes pissed and wish he never threw out that old laptop bc now he would've made 10x LOL
  2. your tinfoil hat is on too tight you conspiracy nut cx
  3. Currently too cheap (broke) to buy an actual miner like Antminer, but I tried Nicehash with my little laptop to see how mining works and it blasted out a whopping 3k sat a day. I don't know much about making an actual rig from processors and GFX cards, but my brother built a bunch of computers and they're just sitting around, with nice i5/i7s and decent graphics cards. I was thinking of hooking them all up to one monitor and using let's say Nicehash to mine all at once. Would I expect to get 100k sat a day from doing this? Or too optimistic? And I'm too cheap to pay for those mining services that may or may not be scams, if I could pay i'd just buy bitcoins.
  4. LOL tried it and it just resulted in losing my bankroll twice as fast
  5. Ive tried many different types of martingale, only one that works best is for me is 1.5x atm until the system learns my strategy and makes sure I lose. Another one i like to autobet is 3.5x and 55% increase on loss and use that to get to 10k sat, doesn't fail me unless i do it straight from the faucet or get a preposterous 20 red streak
  6. Friend sent me a ukrainian streaming site to watch it free c:
  7. I'll race you to 1 btc even tho still at 100 faucet
  8. Something like minesweeper or snake where you are awarded satoshi based on your score. Craptcha gets on my nerves and doesnt work 75% of the time because apparently making a perfect box around the sign isnt satisfactory
  9. that self confidence is what makes me lose my money at exponential rates. i always feel lucky, and when that hunch is wrong, it turns into rage betting and a balance of 0. this thread does not apply to me because the system seems to be always against me
  10. people panic selling as soon as it drops a couple of dollars
  11. Reminds me of plexcoin but there cant be any harm in this
  12. I'll take a Bitcoin... And thoroughly study the history of the cryptocurrency so I can make wise decisions about my investment so that I don't end up losing money in the long run. Then I can use that profit to buy some potato chips.
  13. BTC reached $6k CAD at one point and USD stuck at $4k LOL