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  1. The whole support team is my favorite, Always super helpful and knowledgeable.
  2. Hey mmhaimhai Thanks for the welcome, I read your post on earning btc it was interesting and good extra knowledge.
  3. Thanks guys nice to meet you two
  4. Thanks I do haha great forum and gambling site, I never liked gambling and still don't other then PD and once in a while stake.
  5. What's good Hakar, man this topic is high heat lets keep this shit hype bahaha
  6. Nope haha Spanish and english. haha.
  7. Thanks guys So many friendly people haha.
  8. Thanks for the love everyone.
  9. Hey guys Thanks for all the welcomes haha
  10. @citoy Yeah it's all about patience and taking your time, big earnings quick also result in big losses quick. @rembo2Nice never been to that side of the world only Colombia, Mexico, Usa haha Soon I will travel Europe and Asia though.
  11. Nice to meet you too. Where are you from?