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  1. It is okay, and no worries about that, it's probably due to API changes, we are accepting these posts.
  2. @kessyvin1 you have probably made a mistake, both of the bets you posted are the same, 22.22 roll. You still have time to edit it in case you have the second bet that's required.
  3. Prizes sent, thank you all for participating! Better luck in the next one!
  4. Profit amount has to be 10k ltc, not bet amount. This bet is not eligible.
  5. Irena

    Find satoshi Nakamoto

    @Kate, I see you posting a lot lately, and I'm sure you're pretty skilled when it comes to this, so it would be nice if you could avoid topics that look like a potential scam in the future. Especially when we take your reputation in consideration, that's definitely not something you should do in order not to ruin it. If some topic is on the edge or looks suspicious, I suggest you skipping it in total and save us from having to delete/edit those, and you putting an effort into something that will be deleted/edited. It's a win-win situation. Best of luck, and special thanks to Ultra, he's doing an amazing job here and I'm sure everyone noticed the improvements since we got two new forum mods.
  6. Irena

    Bankbank stream #5 0.01 ETH Challenge!

    @bankbank promised to pay the medical bills for curing the vertigo, @hanvee.
  7. Irena

    Bankbank stream #5 0.01 ETH Challenge!

    Abusing giveaways is not allowed, @baronn007, @OGANski or whatever. You evidently edited this.
  8. Irena

    Bankbank stream #5 0.01 ETH Challenge!

    Btw, @bankbank, can we lock old streaming topics? I see people posting there even though it's over.
  9. Irena

    Bankbank stream #5 0.01 ETH Challenge!

    I am being mean here? You're making people blind! And developing vertigo. Kidding, peeps, good luck and have fun!
  10. Irena

    Bankbank stream #5 0.01 ETH Challenge!

    A.K.A. - torture
  11. Irena

    Leaving your country for good

    Situation here is messed up on so many levels. University degrees, knowledge, skills and effort mean nothing. You dedicate years and years to learning something that won't bring the food on your table. And unfortunately, situation in that regard is getting worse and worse. I could give you a dozen examples right now, but let's not make this topic more depressive than it already is.
  12. Irena

    Leaving your country for good

    If I didn't have some personal 'strings' that didn't let me leave, I would have left long time ago. At this moment, I'd love to be able to leave, as well, but there are many obstacles that are preventing me from doing that (personal, and being a Serbian is an obstacle itself when it comes to this). I'm "gifted" to be from a country that's preventing you progress in any sense, that's why we are all so "happy" to be here. But, yeah, it would be perfect if that could happen.
  13. Irena

    Rainbot question

    We appreciate that you decided to share some with the community and I'm sure they do, as well. Since all the questions are answered, I'm locking this one now.
  14. Irena

    Hello Primedice!

    Willkommen, @CzarinaOriginal! You are a great addition to our Primedice community, we had a great communication so far. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help. Hope you'll enjoy here.
  15. Irena

    Few suggestions

    I think the PM thing could be solved by creating a clickable notification when someone sends you a message (that would, for example, open the inbox in a new tab), and I think the notification that you have a message should be there until the message isn't opened (like on social media, or here in the forum), so it is noticeable as soon as you login / open the site. Ignore button is asked to be returned by many users, so, as Bojana said, it will probably be back with the next update.