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  1. At least half a bit of bitcoin is enough to leave gambling but I like to play PD for fun and get to know good people. Primedice is the best gambling!
  2. I think If in 100 years the Internet will be then bitcoin will also be
  3. Я думаю лай и лекс активные достоины стать модерами!
  4. Already voted Primedice. Good luck Primedice!
  5. If I win a big bet then every day I lose until there is a profit in the minus. Good luck all!
  6. Awesome! Nice information and big prizes good luck all to heroes
  7. I'm noob to the forum I do not know how much pay have a good day!
  8. Great! Thank you for Good information. Have a nice day Dan!
  9. enhuush

    Love vs. Money?

    Of course, love is more important. money is simply a means
  10. Hello its slow strategy but safe good luck win big NormalPerson!
  11. Most loveable Primedicer: @zuxel Funniest Primdice: @Eugene265 Favorite Primedice forum poster: @Yaronovich Favorite Primedice chat user: @lay Most intelligent Primedicer: @Megabetz Most influential Primedicer: @Dashikaka Best Primedice moderator: @biggad Funniest Primedice support member: @Darko Favorite Primedice support member: @Katarina Favorite Primedice admin: @Edward
  12. Merry xmass and good hunt everybody
  13. Hello Megabetz my wife, too, swears that I play every day, I almost ludoman but I want to play and win at 9900 X big bet )) Good luck bro
  14. It's maybe connected to your internet check your internet connection good luck dude
  15. woow great amazing give away Thank you Bojana and PD Good day for you pretty!
  16. Update your browser and get it. I also had this problem
  17. username: enhuush95 Nice give away tnx Edward
  18. ni 4e ne ponyal hehe eto tipa foreksa 4to le ? Kupil a potom prodal pravilno )) Nu spasibo za infu AI