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    Skilful reacted to Kurian in Nothing is too small to show off!   
    After each loses I'm learning something. But, when i try to rectify that another problem arises.
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    Skilful reacted to Bojana in Phobias   
    Omg, this is a legit one, I think @Pandemonium can confirm this one as well  
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    Skilful reacted to Pandemonium in Phobias   
    I don't have that fear but it happened to me numerous times, it happened just 3 weeks ago for the last time, and the weirdest shit seems to happen when stranded. 
    I confirm that I can understand why some fear it...  
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    Skilful got a reaction from Pandemonium in The best moment of your life   
    There's been a few... first proper relationship... getting my first promotion... growing up and realizing I'm in control of my own life, those three probably rate high on my list 
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    Skilful got a reaction from Pandemonium in Phobias   
    My fear is waking up at the last stop on the last train home! Happened a few times, but it's not fun! 
    Since developing this fear after the second time it happened, pleased to say it hasn't happened again!
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    Skilful got a reaction from RevStardust in Anyone want to learn python?   
    I started learning Python a year ago and got distracted so didn't finish the course. 
    The course I started was a good one, "Intro to Computer Science" from Udacity
    It says it takes 3 months to complete but I'm hoping to complete in about 2 as I know a fair bit of IT already. 
    The project for the course is to build your own search engine. 
    There's an intro video for it on the second link above.
    Any Primedice members interested in studying it? We could start at the same time, and post questions / help each other in a thread here, if you're interested?
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    Skilful reacted to Mistletoe in What is the first program you ever coded?   
    Lol that's a cool and fun one! Your school library should be thankful to you
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    Skilful got a reaction from CaptainLorca in What is the first program you ever coded?   
    In school there was a library and it had computers (this is a long time ago lol). Idiots kept CTRL-ALT-DEL the computers, to try to hack them. 
    So I wrote a program that when someone pressed CTRL-ALT-DEL it put a big yellow star on a red background and sounded an alarm through the speaker of the PC, so they could get captured. hahaha 
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    Skilful reacted to Bojana in Phobias   
    I'll tell you mine, you tell me yours!   Halloween topic from me today! 

    Since I was a kid, I have always been afraid of clowns. Clowns are Killers from Space in my opinion, and I do not find them funny at all. Some of the first clowns I have seen in my life were in the horror movies, namely Pennywise from "IT" (an old version), and those from "Killer Klowns from Outer Space", so this might be the cause of my phobia  I'm not sure my fear completely fits the definition of coulrophobia, but I definitely have a bad feeling in my guts when I see them

    Do you have any irrational fears and do you feel comfortable sharing your experiences with objects of your fear?


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    Skilful reacted to rembo2 in The best moment of your life   
    The best moment in my life is the birth of a son.
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    Skilful reacted to Kayboytobad in Profit or Negative in Primedice stats?   
    Change from negative to positive is what we want. With good luck, it's gonna change and good strategy to back it up, it gonna be positive 
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    Skilful reacted to jbenjaminy in What programming topics should I create content on?   
    Hi @Skilful
    Thanks for posting! Okay these sound good, I think the text-editor shortcuts is a nice one to do first that most people will be able to benefit from, and I'll probably try to do a basic React app using Primedice API a little later on. Thanks again, and happy New Year to you as well!!
    Hi @Mistletoe!
    I’m sorry, but sadly I don’t know .net or C#... I am planning to do some things with the API though, probably some Bash scripts and possibly a simple React-Native app so hopefully you’ll get something out of those!
    Hey @maverick528!
    Glad you found the topics interesting! Thanks for your feedback! looking forward to your feedback once I finish a couple of these! Thanks again!
    Hey @Ssociety!
    Thanks for your input! These are some good choices, I'll definitely tackle these -- thinking that would be best to do one of the other tutorials first to create some content to deploy and then we'll deploy it and go over Heroku stuff. Thanks again!
    Hey @CaptainLorca! 
    By "better placed on a homepage" you mean like on my personal site or something? I will likely do this as well, as I invest a lot of time and effort into this kind of stuff. So I usually do reuse the finished content, but basically I'm just giving you guys first pick on what topics to cover
    I have been planning to create tutorial content outside of this forum anyway, but I appreciate the feedback from people that I know to some extent as opposed to complete strangers or w/e. Anyway, don't worry about reading through the list haha, more concerned with feedback on the finished content anyway, so please take a look after I post a couple of these!
    Thanks again!
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    Skilful got a reaction from jbenjaminy in What programming topics should I create content on?   
    Hey very cool topic. Looks like you've already put a lot of thought into this!
    My votes are for: 
    4. I use sublime, recently found out about the HTML tab shortcuts, and the multiple cursor insertion saved a tonne of time, any other efficiency tips would be great. 
    10. Never used react before, so might be interesting to learn a bit about it. 
    Happy New Year, in advance!
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    Skilful got a reaction from Mistletoe in How long have you been gambling?   
    I started about 10 years ago, sports betting. Found live casinos about 6 years ago, love playing poker in them. 
    First online casinos I played on was Stake and Primedice starting about 4 months ago. 
    I can totally relate to this. I am negative overall gambling too. But I like meeting people live and online through gambling so it's money well spent I think!
    haha 4.5 months old, yes that was young. 
    I like poker, are you good? Did you learn a lot growing up in a family that plays? I guess your live reading tells must be good?!
    Gold advice!
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    Skilful reacted to Edward in How long have you been gambling?   
    Since I was like 11 lol
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    Skilful reacted to Mirela in 🏆 Edward's Christmas giveaway!   
    The giveaway is now locked.
    Thank you all for participating, it will be credited as soon as possible.  
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    Skilful reacted to jbenjaminy in What programming topics should I create content on?   
    Hey fellow Primedice Programmers!
    I’m trying to be more active on this forum, and I feel this section (coding) is where I can make the most valuable content contribution.  I'm considering writing a series of coding-related tutorials/walkthroughs. I wanted to ask you all what languages/technologies you are learning/wanting to learn, so that I can tailor these articles to your interests. Which of the topics below would you find most helpful, and like me to create content for? Thanks in advance! 
    *in most cases, I’ll use React for the frontend & Node or Python for the backend in the fullstack web apps, and I’ll use React-Native in the mobile apps
    ** I’ll use the Primedice API as my API of choice in the applicable examples
    Please respond with your top three choices in order (you can simply include the number of the topic, in lieu of the full description).
    Command line fundamentals (primarily using Bash in a Unix environment) Writing shell scripts to manage your drive’s contents  Making API requests from the command line & utilizing Python “magic” to parse GIANT return objects Text-editor keystrokes, tips, & tricks to improve your coding efficiency; customizing your text-editor (specifically for Atom or Sublime) Git/GitHub config & basic workflow (stage changes, making commits, pushing/pulling to/from remote repository) Deploying static sites to GitHub pages Writing Markdown & creating a nice Readme.md HTML/CSS fundamentals (boring af; pls don’t actually request this) Writing clean, modular JS code & taking advantage of the best ES6 features React fundamentals & project set-up (web-dev) React-Native fundamentals & project set-up (mobile dev, cross-platform) Using Redux to manage app state in React/React-Native Setting up a server with Node.js Using NPM as a package manager &  creating a package.json for your project Using NPM in a build system for a fullstack JS app (would also cover WebPack, Babel, & LESS) Setting up a server-side app & RESTful API with Node.js/Express Setting up a local MongoDB database for your fullstack JS app (with Mongoose) Setting up a local PostgreSQL database for your fullstack JS app (with Knex.js) Deploying static content to Heroku (HTML-only sites, stand-alone images, etc.) Deploying dynamic content to Heroku (fullstack JS or Python apps) DNS config & routing custom domains to Heroku apps Initialization & config of PSQL database on Heroku Initialization & config of MongoDB database on mLab Using a Firebase database for your fullstack JS app Using Firebase to handle user registration & authentication Handling authentication yourself using Passport Using Bcrypt for basic encryption & securely storing passwords Handling routing within a web or mobile app Basics of building games: approaching the logic; translating logic to UI elements Socket handling (using Socket.io -- enables server-side to selectively emit data to connected clients) Utilizing local storage in a mobile app for data persistence & offline function  Persistent authentication in mobile apps Config & dispatch of local push notifications in a mobile app Implementing Bluetooth functionality into a mobile app; making a BLE connection & writing data to a Raspberry Pi Using moment.js to handle time (and make your life easier) Automated JS testing using Mocha & Chai, Building a portfolio for your work Transitioning from a coding hobbyist to a programming professional
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    Skilful got a reaction from Murgi in Christmas   
    Merry Christmas! 
    That was an interesting link @MateuszHDHR1so it boils down to merry being a behaviour and happy an emotion, hadn't thought about that before.
    It's funny I think phrases like Merry Christmas, are so overused they almost lose any meaning, but by reading the link you shared, I'll be less likely to gloss over the phrase in the future. 
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    Skilful reacted to Bojana in Morning Tea   
    I did try it, and not my... wait for it... cup of tea! ♥ 

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    Skilful got a reaction from Ssociety in New to cryptocurency   
    This has some good info.
    Most important advice, most important tip is to do your own research I'd say. Come to your own conclusion. Check out social media of coins you're looking to invest in. Make sure you think they are solving some kind of unique problem. Research the bio's of the people involved in the project. etc.
    Then at least if you invest and it doesn't work, you know you invested based on your own research, it stings less than if you invest on what some influential critic is saying.
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    Skilful got a reaction from MateuszHDHR1 in What youtube comedy are you watching?   
    "what is your utmost desire.... i want a job in my profession" @ 1:50 was funny
    "i can't really redo my exams because my parents will stop sending me money" haha that was funny too
    @MateuszHDHR1 it was funny even in translation, nice one! also the presenter was very funny lol
    lol also at 11:30 when the contestant just walks off haha
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    Skilful reacted to johnjeff in What music are you listening to?   
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    Skilful reacted to kaw92 in What music are you listening to?   
    The best ones ! Just like whole album:)
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    Skilful reacted to togiy in What music are you listening to?   
    Welcome to PD Skilful.the music types that i listen are "house,deep house,future,house,rock,hard rock"
    maybe you should open a thread too on introduce yourself section
    welcome again !!