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  1. Evolution isn't scientific fact, it's a theory
  2. I think all the 'holy books' (or the more well known ones) form part of one message, just delivered at different times for different people. The bible was so 'old' like you say, and out of touch with modern science, probably because at the time, that was the only message the people it was intended for could understand. I'm agnostic bordering on atheist, I was brought up to believe in God, then tried to find Him/Her/It on my own, but decided I don't actually believe in a God, anymore than I do a little elf. I discovered If you try hard enough to believe in something you can believe in anything eventually. I definitely don't agree with the idea of biological evolution, that the whole diversity on the planet stemmed from one common little cell, or whatever crazyiness they say. Also I don't think God created the world like Genesis says He did, and I don't believe in Darwin's idea about evolution, so not sure where that leaves me lol. I did meet some awesome people though while looking for God But anyway back the your topic about the bible. What i would say about the bible is as a piece of literature it's really first class. God aside. Much of the imagery and metaphor is really powerful, and most of Proverbs is really clever I think. One image that I think is powerful metaphor is the verse about 'the armor of God': You really get to see this knight built up in all his armor. So yeah I think it's a good book, in and of itself. Just for the quality of writing, if nothing else. About whether it's factually correct, a lot of the events have independent historical accounts, but then again the more fantastical claims of the bible don't I guess! For a really interesting take on one of the bible narratives, I recommend Søren Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling, he explores what would have been going through Abraham's mind when he was asked to sacrifice his son, and while he's at it, examines what faith is, and how it works logically and ethically! A pretty cool read. Funnily he also mentions how if someone today said God had told them to sacrifice their son, and then they took their son up a mountain with a knife and held them on a rock, they'd probably be taken away and put in a mental asylum
  3. I've used these quite a few times, never had any problems, can take a few hours to get the code through though https://giftoff.com I'm in UK not sure if there are any geographic restrictions etc
  4. lol at 1:20 "Man I'm trying to save your Godddam life" "Don't worry about my motherf*ckin life"
  5. Hey Nyusha147, Lexus is cool! Sure you are too! Good luck at the games!
  6. So you're running a small business. Trying to get it off the ground, but... that's not always easy right? All kinds of problems can hit you, you can have problems with suppliers... problems with customers... damn small business can be tough sometimes. But there is one surefire problem that will quickly ruin your business altogether and that is cashflow! Worse than not having enough cashflow though, is not having enough money and no prospect of any coming in either. So what you going to do if this is you? How you going to make more money, when you need it to save your business?! Well... this is the situation that Frederick W. Smith (let's call him Freddy from here on out ) found himself in, in 1971. Freddy was (and still is) the FedEx CEO. Today FedEx is worth a lot of money... but back in 1971 there was a grand total of... $5,000 sitting in the company account, FedEx was practically busto. So what did Freddy do? Well Freddy did what any self respecting gambler would do. He took the $5,000 out of the company account, and headed to the casino! Freddy was on a mission, a mission to save his company, and why not have a bit of fun when you're doing that at the same time? He spent the whole weekend at the casino playing blackjack in Las Vegas. By the end of his marathon sessions he had turned the $5,000 into $32,000. What a legend. The $32,000 was enough to keep the company afloat, and FedEx is now one of the most successful companies in the world. Here's what FedEx is worth right now: Lesson learned smart people can win decent money gambling at the casino. It's not over until the last card is dealt! Freddy we salute you! facts from: https://www.casino.org/blog/funniest-gambling-stories-ever-told/
  7. It's time to enlist but what's it genna be? What crew do you belong in? Are you all about the Boobs or the Ass? If you're unsure I found an article that might help: The article "22 Ways To Tell If He’s you are A Boob Man Lover Or An Ass Man Lover" is a masterpiece of insight into finding out if he you are a Boob Lover or an Ass Lover. https://thoughtcatalog.com/holly-riordan/2017/01/22-ways-to-tell-if-hes-a-boob-man-or-an-ass-man/ With a little tweaking I think we can turn these sexy questions into a self-reflective questionnaire and figure out exactly where our allegiances lie. There are (as you probably guessed from article title) 22 questions in the original article, for this questionnaire we're going to use the top 5. How to play Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. At the top of the left side write Ass and at the top of the right side write Boobs. Answer each of the following questions truthfully with the first answer that comes to mind. Depending on how you answer each question you'll be told to score 1 in the Boob column or 1 in the Ass column. Don't forget to share your score! Questions Thongs can be hot, there's no debating that. But for sure, the push up bra has to win all day long right? Score yourself 1 in the Ass column if you you're a thong lover, or 1 in the Boobs column if it's all about those push-up bras. ...Question 2 and it's sexual positions - that didn't take long. Just in case... you need a reminder, this is a cow girl: and this is a reverse cowgirl: Reverse just looks awkward right? Look how serene they look in the first one. Anyway on to the scores... (ok no more bias for the rest of the questions now) Give yourself a 1 in the Ass column if you're a reversal fan, or a 1 in the Boob column if it's all about the straight forward cowgirl. If you're all about those tight tight jeans score yourself a 1 in the Ass column If it's about that sexy low cut shirt score 1 in the Boob column That top's got to go, rip it up? Score yourself a 1 in the Boob column, but... if the top is to stay on just teasing over the ass score yourself 1 in the Ass column. If you like Selena's boobies like a love, love love song, score yourself 1 in the Boob column. If on the other hand (yep that is a pun ) you prefer Jessica Biel: Then put that final score in the Ass column. Now add up your scores! How did you do?! If you didn't make any mistakes you should have a clear cut winner (there are 5 questions so no draws ) If you're not in a team yet, you know where your loyalties are now! Head right over to whichever team has the asset you prize the most. If you're already in a team... were these scores exactly what you expected? Or... are you on the wrong side? What did you score? i just did this and my score was close.... Ass: 2 | Boobs: 3 Pheew!
  8. Back in 2016 1 bitcoin was worth $900. Kay Van-Petersen an analyst working for a bank predicted that the price of bitcoin would double in 2017. And... it did exactly that before even the first half of the year was over. Well guess what! The same guy just yesterday said he believes bitcoin could hit $100,000 this year. He said the 50% loss in value could be about right and a result of the market correcting itself. But he said there's still a lot of organisations yet to take on bitcoin who likely will in the near future. He said the futures trading is going to pick up pace and over time more and more organisations are likely to get on board. Promising stuff! Even given this bold prediction... He also said: Here's the article: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/16/bitcoin-headed-to-100000-in-2018-analyst-who-forecast-2017-price-move.html Will bitcoin beat the legislation starting to handicap it all over the world? or will it crash and burn?
  9. Nice healthy topic! I like Watermelons, Apple, Cherry, Coconut, Grapefruit, Mango. In a sandwich i like rocket I don't mind strawberry now and again too on a hot day but I guess that last one doesn't count
  10. Would make a nice award for a primedice competition, it looks a bit like a trophy =)
  11. What about phone cool girls??
  12. Hey what does meltdown do? If it's a hardware vulnerability, why does patching the OS help?!
  13. Skilful


    I guess it depends what you call cheating. I was seriously angled in a live game once. I was a fish to playing live poker at the time (had only played 3 times) and wasn't up to how unscrupulous some players can be hahaha. I have a hand like 99 I think and I raise from late position, small blind folded and the big blind picked up a £100 chip and a £10 chip and threw them onto the table. It was just £100 NL, so that was over 100bb, and I'd only raised like £6, then he said... oh no... I meant to put two £5 chips in... damn.. he looked quite convincing.... So I called him, and... he tabled aces. Lol that felt dirty. Since then I've learned never to trust anyone at the live poker table, I've also become a bit better at using pscyhology at the table to influence opponents to do things I want them to do. For example, if I have been chatting to someone and we're friendly, and I bet river and he looks like he's calling, and I don't want him too.. I'll say , "save your money mate... I don't want to beat you... I'm pretty strong" and then he folds and I muck my ace high or sometimes if there is a player that is thinking of folding, I'll say things to push his ego into calling like.. You know you haven't got anything, just fold and can we move on. It's suprising how many times people call with medium strength hands when you do that So i've become a bit of an angler too now, after being schooled by the other pro anglers!