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  1. PD friend hello !!! im koreans my name Ji Soo I want to steadily strumming I want to communicate with various friends from around the world and to do online gambling-related business in the future. Koreans are not well aware of gambling And the perception is not good. The reason is that Korean gambling sites are illegal and not fair, so 99% So I am fair and aim to change the perception of our country and make a world - famous gambling site. I want to do strumming but I have a problem with English I study little by little, but I have trouble communicating and I do not know what to do with this problem. Dreams Come True !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I am the sexiest of the biggest dice lately! Today I have a fun party !! wel come to Korea
  3. 1st my bithday party !!! now I am drunk now !!!!
  4. PD username = what90 12.12 todays bithdays Everyone is happy ^^
  5. name : what90 thanks ^^ im korea people english problam sorry
  6. 에이.. 안녕하세요 하하 am.. korea peoples.. 28age woman... and.. I have a problem with English. I'm sorry. ^^;; and tomorrows my bithdays and.. Students studying history