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    Darko with big D.. welcome to the forum... see you around xdxd
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    Welcome here Cotton Candy Satan  (need to take care of what i say here, i'm no mod to fight with you )
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    Welcome, @Darko, who finally made the introduction topic! \o/  

    You were a wonderful addition to our team, happy to have you here! ♥
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    Love ya Darko, i seen you chat on PD a bit :).. I have same like you on football and basket ball
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    1. Coffee is where we commonly cling onto to fight sleepiness. Who drinks the most cup of coffee in a shift?
    Milan, he also makes the best coffee
    2. Since you guys can come in casual attire, who is the fashionista in PD?
    Mirela, easy.
    3. Whos the biggest crybaby in PD? 
    No one really, we are all professionals here.
    4. Whos the sleepyhead in PD?
    Mirela (at least that is what I have been told)  Although we spent only one week together in night shift and she never complained about lack of sleep so it might be wrong.
    And lastly, we all have that one colleague that tries to turn us into an alcoholic. Who always initiate to go out at weekends to drink? 
    I think it is safe to say that we all like to drink a bit, no one turned to full alcoholic mode. Yet.
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    Locking this one  Thanks to all participants, will make sure that it is credited within the next 24 hours, we appreciate your patience!

    Congrats, ppl, and thank you for the loyalty! ♥