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  1. These bets are risky though, you put a lot of matches on a x2 odd which makes it complicated to get a nice ROI in a long term run.
  2. Username: Terrakiumm Thanks for that giveaway. Couldn't make the last one because of IRL issues but will try to make this one
  3. Never heard of you but glad you are back and i hope you'll be fine with your investments as well. Good luck and welcome back again mate
  4. Hey these places look great just looked at these on google, pretty cool
  5. Terrakium

    K-Pop fans?

    Actually I can't stand that kind of music haha but my sister used to listen to so much k-pop musics when i was younger so that's fine, i got used to it lmao
  6. the 9x payout is a great thing when you manage your bk really well well played
  7. Already heard about that site, it actually works
  8. Oh ! Why not making a mini game, with a variating faucet according to the score we had in that mini game?
  9. Just lost my balance because of these lags
  10. After having read @Kargai's idea, I thought of a loyalty based faucet, like if you claim over 10 times a day your faucet, it increases by 1%, until day 100 where it finishes increasing and you have a 100% bonus on your faucet. If one day you don't claim it 10 times, or don't get to primedice, it resets the bonus down to 0% again. Also the claiming faucet limit is a great thing to avoid people doing that faucet farming thing. Maybe include a little jackpot once a week with a certain amount, and let someone win it while he claims his faucet? Dunno I guess it can make more people wanna get on primedice Also, maybe making more happy hours, where we can claim a 10k faucet every 10 minutes or something? About the captcha. Well I guess the best thing to do is to make a mini game like connecting dots with the same colors, or dragging droping an image into a frame. I don't know that much about that but let's do something funnier!
  11. Will prolly buy some though, it's cheap as fuck
  12. shit i am so hungry right now In Turkey, we have the Menemen, which is like eggs, with fried vegetables!! it looks like this