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  1. yes i guess doing well, facing any problem further? i had few times my bets going minus when there is a power cut or network drop, say when u play roulette it keeps spinning and no result appears and at last u loose your bets, happened for me at least 15 times and 2k each... not begging here but this need to be solved
  2. if we join to gather and start guess will work... looking for 10 partners with each 1 btc and we can make this a great sucess...
  3. I feel Israeli has the control over all countries. the magic is all about not who is powerful but who is the Kingpin.
  4. Satan and Illuminati:) Church of Satan
  5. my guess is next 10 days 5k, and year end 14k
  6. but how are the results ? are they also fast as furious:)
  7. it does ! but depends on how many partners:)
  8. sophisticated poison in short words
  9. donvoto

    Always New

    Me from India, but launching from Indonesia ,This is going to be the future trading practice and exchange platform.I mean the Block chain. Early the better. I guess i am already late by few years:)
  10. 11 ill effects of wine 1. Result In Sleep Deprivation 2. Increase The Risk Of Heart Disease 3. Cause Obesity 4. Fertility 5. Cause Pancreatitis 6. Increase Blood Pressure 7. Increase The Risk Of Liver Cirrhosis 8. Have Allergic Reaction 9. Increase The Risk Of Breast Cancer 10. Cause Brain Damage 11. Increase The Risk Of Violence And Injuries