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  1. Just as a reminder, you should state in OP to not invest money/BTC into these schemes as 99% of them turn out to be ponzi.
  2. Almost forgot about hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger Nano. None the less I don't think anybody here would be using it.
  3. Custom fees is entirely possible and these words came from a PD support member so I'm banking on them to deliver. I'd rather withdraw whatever I've made rather than trying to aim for more, which always ends up in a bust, at least most of the times.
  4. So as there have been vulnerabilities found even on light weight clients like Electrum and online wallets like blockchain.info have always been shady with their activities, I wanted to ask this question to everyone. What do you prefer using? Online wallets or light weight clients? Please do specify if you can. And please do not say Coinbase, as it is an EXCHANGE and not a WALLET provider.
  5. Why the heck am I still on the blacklist lol? Indeed I had some beef with @ledust but everything was sorted and I'm sure he can confirm it. Username: 420BlazeIt Thanks.
  6. Barely feel like depositing because of the extremely high fees and even withdrawals taking ages (not after the 90k fee update)
  7. This is pinned right on top of Bitcointalk for visibility but thanks for posting it here again.
  8. Props to you for stepping up while nobody seems to be bothered.
  9. Honestly, everyone is already bothered with the network congestion right now and 150 sats/byte is taking over a day and a half to receive confirmations but I think 90k satoshis is too big of a fee, especially on small withdrawals. Withdrawing the lowest possible amount (400k) ends up giving us only 310k (nearly 1/4th) From what I heard, I was expecting a user defined custom fee which could be set while withdrawing which is perfect. My suggestion is simple, drop the withdrawal fees back to 30k while implementing the new custom fee setting thingy. Thanks.
  10. It does look like a phishing attempt all things considered but thanks for the heads up anyways.
  11. Surprised this didn't happen a few years ago but here we are in the era of digital currencies taking over the likes of the entire stock market. Going to be a fun new year with Bitcoin at the top.
  12. I'm calling this to happen by Christmas 2018. We saw over 1500% in the year 2017 itself and a similar figure in the coming year could take us all the way to $100k by the end of next year itself.