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  1. Bombing Strategy — 10 Tokens Burned For Every 1 Token Sold IAT announces great news before the launch of its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), which will be offered on the Probit Global Exchange. The Probit Global Exchange is a professional digital currency exchange with a large following which we feel will be the best platform for the project’s first IEO of such a great project like CitiOS. This Probit IEO will present one of the best opportunities for individuals looking to be part of the exciting IAT Project. When is the IEO scheduled? The project managers have tentatively placed the IEO launch date in end November. Interested Individuals will be able to purchase IA tokens with ETH, BTC, XRP, USDT or PROB. The Bombing Strategy The project will be implementing a bombing strategy where 10 tokens will be burned for every 1 tokens sold during the IEO. This strategy will balance the supply and demand of the tokens and more importantly, reward early adopters of the project.
  2. Since its launch, CitiOS has been gaining grounds every day and its managers are right on track following their roadmap. With everything set; the white paper, the blockchain program code, the development team and the tokenomics, the project is ready for takeoff. The CitiOS IEO Date The IEO shall be offered through Probit Global Exchange and we are only counting days to the IEO. The IEO is scheduled to start on 31st October 2019 and run through to November. The total amount of R2R tokens available for the IEO is 1,000,000,000 R2R. However, the project managers are planning to introduce a new strategy called bombing strategy where 50 R2R tokens will be destroyed every time one R2R token is purchased so as to avoid inflation. Investors are only allowed to use Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and US Dollar (USD). Why invest in the CitiOS IEO? IEOs are the most promising investment opportunities in the blockchain world. They offer a safer and easier mode of investing compared to both Security Token Offering (STO) and Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Again, by investing in an IEO, you stand a better chance of trading the Coin once it becomes listed since there are high chances that the coin shall be listed in the same exchange that offered the IEO and you shall already be a member. However, as an investor, it is always very important to ensure that you do thorough research about any project offering an IEO since some are scams. And this is the reason as to why we want to have a closer look at CitiOS to find out whether it meets the qualifications of a good IEO. To start with, CitiOS is a unique project that incorporates a phenomenal and innovative approach in solving challenges for smart cities. It is a technological marvel that combines some of the world’s cutting edge technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and blockchain. The key features of CitiOS which include: Edge Computing and AI chip embedded, Autonomous IoT, Real-Time H2M, M2M Micropayments, P2P Data Exchange, and Blockchain Services play a very important role in social and economic aspects of 21st-century society. By investing in the CitiOS IEO, you shall simply be taking part in sponsoring the future technology to foster the next paradigm shift for smart cities in both developed and developing countries. CitiOS has a very wide range of applications key among them being the Smart streetlight system which is almost the heart of every modern smart city in the world so as to ensure a 24 hours economy. The project could become a hot cake in developing countries especially around Africa where some countries like Kenya have already started looking for ways of making the streetlight systems more cost-effective and efficient. In actual sense, the CitiOS project has already seen some applications especially in the area of the smart streetlight system. Major Luxury Car Dealerships like Yanase BMW are already using the smart streetlight system to guard their yards from thieves who steal tires from the vehicles in their dealership yards. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that this is a working project and not a scam and it is a worthy Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) investment opportunity.
  3. Yes , we have the official website please check this one https://bitex.global/ thank you Also this one, they are a sister company https://xnews.io/
  4. Xnews Engagement Campaign Xnews.io is airdropping a fixed amount of 100 XBX for spreading awareness about the project. 👉Event time: 18th Feb UTC 00:00:00 - 18th March UTC 0:00 👉Event reward: We are airdropping a fixed 100 XBX 🔥🔥Join and get your XBX coin immediately! Follow these simple rules below to qualify!🔥🔥 1. Follow the official Facebook page of Xnews: https://www.facebook.com/xnews.io, share this post with hashtags: #XNews #XBX #BitexGlobal #eth #btc #crypto #airdrops #bounty and tag at least 10 crypto-related friends. 2. Follow the official Twitter page of Xnews: https://www.twitter.com/xnews_io/, retweet this post with hashtags: #Xnews #XBX #BitexGlobal #eth #btc #crypto #airdrops #bounty and mention at least 10 crypto-related friends. 3.Follow the official Instagram page of Xnews: https://www.instagram.com/xnews.io/ 4. Follow the official Linkedin page of Xnews: https://www.linkedin.com/in/xnews-io/ 5. Join Xnews’ Telegram group: https://t.me/xnews_io_official and Telegram channel: https://t.me/Xnews_io_channel 6. Fill this form for the campaign: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSei306MJT3SUx30ovjtbpc1-xGjIZZMpDUTNVM5KxBaNjWJ7g/viewform 7.Check your response in this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kelLpby0C66BkRB6LjGaqjrQWaTlitAIC-6Se4ixOzg?usp=forms_web_b#gid=469797683 For full details: https://bitexglobal.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360023969511-Xnews-Engagement-Campaign-Grab-your-100-XBX-Now-
  5. What is Gostake.com?? Gostake.com is a data driven analytics platform that tracks reward generating digital assets. It provides 100% verifiable data taken from live crypto wallets showing real results of running and staking different reward generating crypto assets. It is also designed to provide users with information based on live wallets but should in no way be considered as brokerage or investment advisory service. With this features, users can utilize this information to adjust their portfolios in order to mitigate risk and achieve best possible returns. And please take note Gostake.com does not try to sell you anything; on the contrary it supports development of the entire crypto industry in general by creating a verifiable and freely available market intelligence.
  6. We have an special offer for you!! Dapp.com and Cubego has a Giveaway to celebrate partnership. Cubego, the newest decentralized game developed by the team behind Etheremon, is a place where players indulge their creativity in turning their imagination into reality. Dapp.com is the largest dedicated platform for sharing exciting dapps and valuable knowledge about decentralized technology. We help everyone understand, create, and enjoy this exciting new technology with enthusiasm For more details check our website and telegram group: Dapp.com https://t.me/dapp_com
  7. Mhedz


    Yeah,it's great that they have still us who accept them for who they are.. We really know that there's a lot judgemental people whose betraying them and treated them as a sinner.
  8. Mhedz


    Well,that's good that you accept them whole heartedly.. I just watch the other night a true to life story of a transman. He almost tried to kill his self because his family especially his mother dont accept him. . Me too,i treat them like how i treat others.
  9. Mhedz

    Hello guys

    Sorry,i didn't know that i can see it there..i just want to say hello to all.
  10. Mhedz

    Hello guys

    Hello guys,how are you all?
  11. Wag ng umasa pa marefund,masasaktan ka lang..ganyan din yung nasalihan ko na onpal,ansabi after daw ng holiday magrefund,gang sa naglaho na..wag magtiwala..onpals are scammers..about poloniex,sana maging okay.may depo din ako dun.
  12. Mhedz


    What is your insight about gays,lesbian,transgender and any other sexualities? How did you treat them in your life? Are you in favor for those who have mutual relationship with their same sex like lesbian to girl?
  13. When i was a child,i've been dreaming to travel and see the beauty of canada.
  14. Mhedz


    I've never been tried any gambling online sites,can you give me any techniques or ideas for a newbie gambler like me?
  15. Mhedz

    Life after Death

    Do you believe in reincarnation?