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  1. Mhedz


    Yeah,it's great that they have still us who accept them for who they are.. We really know that there's a lot judgemental people whose betraying them and treated them as a sinner.
  2. Mhedz


    Well,that's good that you accept them whole heartedly.. I just watch the other night a true to life story of a transman. He almost tried to kill his self because his family especially his mother dont accept him. . Me too,i treat them like how i treat others.
  3. Mhedz

    Hello guys

    Sorry,i didn't know that i can see it there..i just want to say hello to all.
  4. Mhedz

    Hello guys

    Hello guys,how are you all?
  5. Wag ng umasa pa marefund,masasaktan ka lang..ganyan din yung nasalihan ko na onpal,ansabi after daw ng holiday magrefund,gang sa naglaho na..wag magtiwala..onpals are scammers..about poloniex,sana maging okay.may depo din ako dun.
  6. Mhedz


    What is your insight about gays,lesbian,transgender and any other sexualities? How did you treat them in your life? Are you in favor for those who have mutual relationship with their same sex like lesbian to girl?
  7. When i was a child,i've been dreaming to travel and see the beauty of canada.
  8. Mhedz


    I've never been tried any gambling online sites,can you give me any techniques or ideas for a newbie gambler like me?
  9. Mhedz

    Life after death

    Do you believe in reincarnation?
  10. Mhedz

    How to keep rats away

    How to keep rats away from house? I hate them and their wiwi's smell..
  11. What vitamins is best for toddler? My child is not eating better 2days now,.
  12. Thanks for the reminders..malaking tulong ito sa lahat
  13. I used to trade in POLONIEX, now its always red day.
  14. This is the first time i heard about onecoin. And its good to know that is not a scam coin..