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  1. Those lists are great, I would like to add these lists though: https://upwork.com/ https://guru.com/
  2. Very true! I've been an online freelance web designer and developer for 6+ years now, started off from Upwork (oDesk), Freelancer and Guru.com It's very hard to win a job at first but if keep on going, do not be discourage and keep believing on yourself.
  3. I work from the comfort of my home specifically on our room, I'm an online freelance web designer and developer. As an online freelancer, I can control my own hours of work while spending time with my family and primedice gambling at night...
  4. Date Joined: May 30th 2015 on primedice, though I'm new here on their forum...
  5. careful, Indonesian users from here might not like your quote though...
  6. Oo nga, para din may pang dagdag sa gambling on primedice, hahaha...
  7. Anyone from here interested on how to earn money from your porntube website? There are lots of Ad networks out there that offers several payment options like Paypal, Bitcoin, Paxum, Payoneer etc. I have been earning money from my ponrtube site http://porndollar.xyz/ since 2016 up until now month by month... I could say that I earn more from displaying ads on my site rather than mining bitcoin from a basic mining rig. I earned around $2 - $15 a day from the start for a few months of starting up... Earn from popup ads, display ads and interstial ads.
  8. Have you ever been to Philippines? Guess there's a lot of tourist spots here where you can visit, one of Philippines TV network partnered with the tourism industry to promote the tourist spots here in the Philippines by airing it on TV shows and Youtube videos. You may watch one of the travel show in their Youtube channel and you may visit this link to watch one of their shows at
  9. I'm from Philippines and I would like to introduce to all of you guys our best national snack foods called "Biko" and "Suman" it's ingredients are glutinous rice, coconut oil, coconut milk, water and brown or white sugar. You all guys can search it on google if you want to see the look of this food, it's really taste good...
  10. It's nice to see a lots of Filipino PD members here in this section, Ed' count me in, I'm a Filipino too, one from Mindanao region... I've been a primedice member since 2015.
  11. You can earn some bitcoins for free on Primedice itself, sign up there and navigate to their Faucet menu and they will give you a free bitcoin then by keeping active here on forum, you will earn more bitcoins on your posts... Also you can earn more bitcoins for free on several bitcoin faucet sites, they do really pay, just search it on google...
  12. I had the gambling problem when I was winning and being greedy until i bust it all. That day I deposited around 2x of $50 worth of bitcoin a total of $100 on my PD account in just 1 day. I was winning consistently but then there's the catch, primedice is always like that, they will let you win and win and win but then when you go all out or max it out, boom... all your balance turns to zero...
  13. I think 30 percent out of 100 on winning chance using this technique, very risky but interesting in the same time...
  14. for all gamblers like myself, I suggest reading educational books online or in your home library is the best remedy to ease the sadness and stop the urge on gambling.