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  1. Only XRP (ripple) is there unfortunately No problem just stick with whats the best for ourselves
  2. First of all, I wanted to say Happy New Year!!! I hope all of you will have an even more awesome days ahead So, why binance?? I'll explain it from my perspective. I've been trading on multiple exchanges untill now, but seriously, none of those exchanges were better than binance. Although I'm new. The reasons are quite simple (from my perspective) : 1. ? The price on the market is 100% same when you purchase it - I had traded on another exchange before,on the market the price was 220, but when I purchased it, it wasn't 220!! You won't find this kind of problem on binance. ? 2. An Easy-To-Use site. Even newbie like me can understand it completely! 3. A very smooth and eye-catchy site! No joke. 4. You can access it on your smartphone! Binance has their own application, which is very easy to use and smooth as well. 5, Binance has lots of crypto coins! More than 150 altcoins already listed on this exchange and it keeps growing! 6. ? Fee of only 0.05% instead of 0.1%!!! ? 7. ETC Register now and prove it yourself that this is the best exchange! Non Referral Link : https://www.binance.com/ Referral link : https://www.binance.com/?ref=16912172 *Note : Please Register from my referral link otherwise I'll have to send my nudes to you.
  3. geez that was awesome! $40k by now
  4. Primedice is fair I think. It was the first casino that created dice game also (if I'm not mistaken). So yeah, I think primedice is fair
  5. I'll go with BCH. It might low now, but one day, it might have higher value than btc.
  6. Me too. When I tried to hit it with more than 1 it never hit the dice hate me for sure.
  7. Oh my god. That's insane. But congrats virtualbox
  8. Congratulations Micro! Primedice will eventually get better and better.
  9. so lucky! hope you make more.
  10. Sometimes I felt the same way too