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  1. Hi hui, thanks for your reply. May be then we had a mistake, since I never chatted with toohoola or others, I only chatted sometimes with live support chat, and here this is my first post... but don't worry at all, and let's go ahead. I also better cleared the problem... so I hope it is more clear... but especially I hope PD will adjust /mybets command, because yes, I found an alternative way which is not the easiest and fastest way, but /mybets command would be better. I'm also thank you for suggestion about where to post/share my bot (after I mentioned it many times)... so, I'll try to post it within today/tomorrow, at least the 'basic' version. So, I hope to see your comment/impression/suggestion about it. Thanks again and best regards.
  2. Kindle hui, I really don't understanding your messages and why you're writing certain useless things, however I'm interested about some of written things that are really unrealistic, and I'll go to explain... personally, after this, I will stop, because is not my intention to do a 'drama' for useless things... I simply discovered a couple of bugs (12002 server error, and /mybets api command don't works... that everyone can check by yourself, so I'm not inventing nothing) and reported to you, hoping it could be solved not only for me, but also for everyone else could need of that command. Besides, I don't know if you chatted with me under 'live support' contact, but anyway you reported something wrong, for this reason I quickly mentioned about the chat... but repeat, I'll not waste other time, about chat or not chat... would be more important to solve the problems that I reported... even because I found an alternative way to solve the problem, which anyway is not the most easy and fast way. Anyway, replying to your message... first really unrealistic thing is ... your words 'external influences' should be the solution to the problem?!? let's go, don't let's say stupid things. Especially because, obviously now I'm not using the account, and when I'll restart to use it, then obviously I'll change apy_key, access_token, may be also the password, and re-log into account. The reported problem has happens when I was using the account, and noboy was acknowledge about my keys... if I need to provide keys, like in this case that I written the links, then after obviously I change them. Thus, like said, problem is not happened during my keys are sharing on the web, but before when nobody was aknwoledge of my keys. And when I'll change my keys, nobody will do any interference. So, this thing you written is really unrealistic, and make no sense... may be, things like this sometime can works with someone for replies, but it's not my case. I can still see them in my messages... however, don't worry at all, and thanks for your awarning about, however I know api_keys what are... but especially, obviously I shared them having no money into the account, so in the worst case, tomorrow I'll found some money into account . Now, over the jokes about the above useless things, let's go to write about the most important of the problem, where I can confirm that simply you don't understant what is the problem... for this reason may be you write something make no sense, or at least I hope so... Yes me too have done millions of bets, but like I already said in previouses message, may be you or your bot don't doing every kind of checking for every single bet or for every single error that could happens, so probably you don't noticed that sometimes it could skip some nonce coninuing to work (bet anyway is placed, only details are not returned by PD server) ... like you can see from attached above images, also my bot was continuing to works placing bets also after some skipped nonce (after noticed, I modified bot to stop when this happens, so I can check manually... and anyway I'm adjusting every little wrong thing that I'm finding). And this is also the confirmation that, unluckly, you don't understood exactly the problem... otherwise, you should explain me, how can I store/log something that I don't receive??? So, if server don't return the details (and then don't return the ID, and neither simply the rolled number), what I have to store into log of the bot?? nothing (about only the missed bet)!! To place a bet from a bot, the process is... to send a POST message to PDserver... if POST is right, and no any error happens, then bet is placed, and server return a response (this works in any kind of http calls, since internet is based on this logic), in fact even when some error happens then server return the error code/string. Thus, if server don't return detail of the last bet, then I don't have NOTHING to store into log, and I cannot check that bet at all ! . Like support once replied, the problem could be related to a server slow down (and me too believe it is something of this kind), but anyway somthing that happen on the server side, not on the client side. So, ok, because of slow down, sometimes server return 'Too many request, slow down!' , but this can be normal since bet IS NOT PLACED in those cases.... while, it is not normal when a BET IS PLACED, but server DON'T RETURN DETAILS ABOUT THAT BET ('12002' err). I hope now you understand exactly the problem. To finish.... 'In case you don't use 2fa' ?!? But how could I have the api key without using 2fa ?!? Anyway let's clear, excluding the reported errors (that personally solved with a 'more sofisticated' way... and PD should anyway solve in my opinion), me too have trust in PrimeDice... especially because I write the exact rolls algorithm in c++ for my bot, and I checked the correctness of all numbers (except those with 12002 error , that I'll know never if correspond or not), by meself into my bot, and I can confirm that I don't see any manipulation... so, like said, me too trust in PD... I only reported a couple of bugs that I discovered writing my bot, and checking several things (anyway soon I'll also share the bot that I'm finishing... it's something like seuntjie, but in my opinion, really more power, with no limits to ideas can be applied through c++, and working into MetaTrader, so also all the already written indicator could be applied to dice strategies for instance). I still don't understand for sure if you're part of PD support... anyway, like said, it make no sense provide unrealistic replies to problems, when it's not clear the problem... sometimes could works, but often is not a good imagin. Anyway, I can see you're a moderator in this forum, so, after this long post, I take the chance to ask you for a different thing... like I said above, in these next days probably I'll share my bot (let's clear... it is not a strategy-bot, but something like seuntjie madroller and others, where everyone can code its own strategy etc etc etc etc etc, and it will be free for some weeks), so, could you suggest me the specific area of the forum where I could post it? Thanks in advance. Still hoping PD will solve at least /mybets command, I'm thanks anyway for replies. Best regards
  3. Thanks for your reply, but not, it don't works, and everyone can check that /mybets command don't works.... probably you're used /bets command, that works, but don't provide the last 30 personal bets. If you want, I also attach both the links (api key, and access token), so you can better check /mybets (not /bets) command don't works... it's a simple GET command, so it's only need to attach it in any browser... and, apart with my acces keys, everyone can check on his own account, simply using his apy_key or access_token... I'm more than sure that it don't work for nobody, otherwise it means there is something wrong on my account that PrimeDice should check and solve (but I'm sure it don't works for nobody... and like said, Bojana probably you used /bets command, but I'm talking about /mybets command. https://api.primedice.com/api/mybets?api_key=XXX [edit by hui] https://api.primedice.com/api/mybets?access_token=XXX [edit by hui] and, to be sure that command and api_key/access_token are written correctly, then you can check by following link, where you can see /bets command works (but it don't provide the last 30 PERSONAL bets)... https://api.primedice.com/api/bets?api_key=XXX [edit by hui] Besides, it's undifferent where the command is launched (browser or any application)... the working commands works everywhere you launch them... while, the don't working commands don't works anywhere. Like you can check using above links, with my keys, into your browser or application. Anyway, I'm thank you for your reply, but like said, probably you checked some other command and not /mybets command. Besides, I would like to clear that, the problem is not strictly the /mybets command don't working... but problem is that sometime, bets are placed without your server return any details about them, neither the rolled number... so that bets cannot be checked at all... thus, this is a fail into verify fair system, that may be primedice should consider more! Because, basically I had bets without any details, neither the rolled number, so basically, in those cases it looks just like a subtraction of funds from the account without reasons, since nothing regarding a bet is shown. But I don't asked nothing back... I simply tried to find a solution to these server and API errors, and discovered what explained, and reported to you. After, it can be only Primedice choose if solve it or not. So, thanks for your reply, and I hope it will be solved asap. Hello Hui, I don't understood if your message was for me... since, I don't remember of you, I'm sorry... since, surely yesterday I don't chatted with live support (my last chat has been 3-4 days ago)... but especially because, until now, nobody said me that /mybets command seems to be abandoned (it's only what I imagined by meself, but nobody told this before)... always support replied that they report to developers, and was awaiting for solving of the problem. Oh yes, someone also told me to bet manually. Anyway I can also attach the chats text. At this point, if /mybets command will be not solved, then Primedice should provide another way to get details about own bets, at least the last ones... becuase, as explained (I'll also attach an image, hoping it can be understood), sometimes funds are subtracted from account without any bet is shown... however, better checking the next bets, I can see that 'nonce' has increased... so basically, it looks that bets are placed, but without any details is returned by server (in those cases, server explicitally returns this message 'server response fails[12002]' ). Thus, when this error happens, those bets cannot be checked at all... so it's a fail into provabily fair system, that may be you should consider more than abandone it! Surely this happens to everyone, but probably the most of users, especially betting automatically, don't noticed this, even because probably don't used to check every bets it's done into their account... with my program, I coded step by step everything, so checking everything happens with my bets, and discovered this fail... so simply I hope you will solve this in someway, in order that everyone can check every single bets done in their accounts. To finish, I really don't understand what you means with browser localstorage... I don't believe at all that browser keep this kind of detail/data (in fact I don't found any trace of these bets details), even because making thousands/millions of betting, then its local memory usage should be very high, and this really don't happen... you should also know that every single bet, return as detail a long string containing not only details about that bet, but also details about the account etc, so like I said, already after some hundred of bets the local storage usage would be already high... but anyway, you could show us how to apply your way. So, yes you're right, your news are not good, but thanks anyway for reply. Best regards. P.S. Luckly, I think to found an alternative solution that I'll finish to check today... however it slow down just a little the bot when the error happens, going to found for the missed bet... thus, it would be really better if Primedice could solve the /mybets command, which should be not difficult to do I believe.
  4. Hello Bojana , I'm thank you for your fast reply. However I also tryied your solution, then using access_token instead than api_key, but int he same way it don't works like you could check by yourself. Using api_key or acces_token undifferently, I believe that data root is the same, so both of keys provide the same result... thus I believe that last 30 bets are not stored at that root for some reason, because, the /mybets command return '{"mybets":[]}' (or json view), so partially /mybets command seems to work, but that array is always empty, so like said, it seems that last 30 bets are not stored to that array in that root... if this may help to find the problem. So I'm thank you anyway for your reply, however /mybets command don't works neither using access token. Hoping it will be solved soon, I'm thanks again, and best regards
  5. Hello to everyone and to Prime Dice support, as already reported into live chat about one month ago, I would like advice you that GET /mybets (last 30 peronal bets) command don't works, like also live chat support has checked and like everyone can check (it's a simple GET command). I noticed this error from another error of your server... sometimes, bets are placed, but server don't return any details (exact returned server string is 'server response fails[12002]' ) , so basically I can't know nothing about those bets when this error happen, neither simply the rolled number (until I change the seeds, and check the bets of previous couple of seeds... trusting the verify), so basically I cannot neither check the bets. So, after noticed this server error, I try to find an alternative way to have those bets details (when 12002 error happens), and discovered that API GET /mybets command don't works. This is the story. Like I said, I also reported both of errors to live chat support... but already one month ago... without absolutely not any change until now. So, I hope you will really check and solve this soon. Thanks for your reading. Best regards. P.S. I have to add this because has been really no nice... last reply of live chat support to solve the problem has been 'play manually !'