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  1. paul01

    na hack ang aking btt

    Kung hindi naman sya naka hide dapat deleted yung mga password related sa mail dahil madali talaga pasukin ang mga email thru recover account
  2. Congrats for those who made it I did try more than 200 bet but still no good for that,
  3. paul01

    How to Recover Challenge - Double It Up

    You're right with the 1.1 payout is a silent killer with your balance if you will not randomly change your multiplier and you loose streak you might busted again if you wont recover
  4. paul01

    Why oh why did you switch from PD4 to PD5??

    I think its the update where they have a contest where they choose design of new website and it comes with the new pd5 but still a lot of bugs. I hope they will fix this soon
  5. I think its time for bitcoin to recover from now on
  6. paul01

    Bitcointalk Merit (Giveaway?)

    Available padin ba merit giveaways mo sa bct?
  7. paul01

    0.015 sent to wrong person

    like for being honest I hope everyone will follow you
  8. paul01

    Get to 1 BTC with 3% profit daily.

    I will try this one and hope will get a positive profit at that time
  9. paul01

    [FACEBOOK] Primedice Filipino Community

    Active batong group nato? parang official page lang din ng primedice?
  10. paul01

    YOU ARE BANNED Game - PD Edition

    @dmbadillo10 is banned for banning multiple users
  11. I prefer Slow and Steady rather than YOLO because I might loose all my balance in a sec.
  12. paul01

    Expert on 1.10X (90%)

    All I can say with 1.10X payout is a silent killer. I had this strategy before but I got 3 straight losses if I'm not mistaken,
  13. paul01

    Kaya kaya palitan ni ETH si BTC?

    Palagay ko OO pero hindi pa ngayon at sobrang tagal pa bago mapaltan ni eth si bitcoin dahil medyo trend padin naman kase si bitcoin unlike eth
  14. paul01

    Deposit pa more

    Isang beses lang ako nag deposit dito tapos napalago ko tapos sa mga tips nadin ako na asa dito.