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  1. Its credited ! \o/ tks Ultra we need a feedback?
  2. i agree @UltraChief i will send from my bank 200k for 3k credits
  3. fabianabank

    Message not received notification

    i think that the message tab will be better on a chat tab, its more easy you can answer and keep playing
  4. fabianabank

    Forum balance in altcoins ?

    on the internal exchange, Dan has already answered me in a post that it is not possible to do this because of all the conversion work in question of price, but as other options are cool :D
  5. Im so happy to participe from the mostly loveble gambling site that are making the 5th birthday im here since 2015 and can see how this community grow up day by day and you, friends ? How long have you joined this incredible community? Happy Birthday from Brazil, Primedice ❤️
  6. fabianabank

    🎉 5th Anniversary 🎉

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PD ❤️ i will be by your side for all days that i can
  7. fabianabank


    kkkkkk i see there: "i tip rainbot, but he not tip me anymore D:" "give me too, boooot D:" "rainbot hates me 😧 " its annoying
  8. fabianabank

    📢 Half a Decade of Primedice

    im here for almost 4 years, congratulations Primedice ❤️
  9. fabianabank

    And about the litecoin and the jackpot?

    pls, Sir @Edward
  10. how much in forum credits i can buy with 200k ltc? @UltraChief
  11. fabianabank

    What is the best LTC wallet? 💯✔

    do you test some wallet @dmbadillo10, pls share to me too i want save my ltcs soon
  12. its the reason that i dont try hit the jackpot, minimal is 10k, since was 3k its not more possible to me play with this amount i miss when i betting with 200k-500k per bet
  13. I know, I know I'm already fucking litecoin here in primedice, but wanted to know what users think of having a jackpot for litecoin too? Maybe the same percentages that already exist for bitcoin, even though the value is smaller. I think it would be interesting, because as litecoin is worth a little less and we have in number a larger amount, we would do the search more time behind the numbers 77.77 well, it's what I wanted, someone else would be interested to propose to the DAN?
  14. fabianabank

    Kuleguten Stream #46! Giveaways! Stake!

    Gl, honey
  15. fabianabank

    Can we change bitcoins balance by litecoins?

    tks i will save some and trade later, tks