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  1. Best primedice memory is when I was playing with 0.06 BTC on 86% and every time I made 0.01 or more profit I'd cash out the profit and eventually I made it to over 0.5 BTC that way a lesson learned from that was to always cashout something to have as backup funds Username JORDANMAK
  2. Good idea! I want to see it happen too
  3. Good luck on this! Hope you make it
  4. I agree with this! Definitely will prevent abusers
  5. Yes... In fact there is no tax... you do pay fees on transactions but they are very very small (probably like $0.25 or $0.50) Also, people like it because it can go up and skyrocket or go down, you never know. Many people do gamble it, and it is easy.
  6. Lilmon

    Drugs problem

    I agree with you all! Definitely speak to some professionals and even your family and friends, and then perhaps seek Rehab
  7. Today, unfortunately you can't distinguish between gold diggers and true love. So if you see a younger man or woman date an older woman or man, they are to be looked at as gold diggers... Age doesn't really matter, but as long as it is reasonable, I don't think a 20 year old woman should marry a 40 year old man, if that ever happens anyways.
  8. Apparently its a rising cryptocurrency... similar to bitcoin. I think it should, and if it goes sideways then take it out. It is definitely worth the time and money
  9. Depends on the block time and confirmation time of blockchain.info