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  1. Same here waiting for the wheel. Better be worth the wait.
  2. bitsc

    Your favorite support member

    She is helpful. As far as beautiful Ill take your word for it- never seen her.
  3. bitsc

    Best Friends

    Either all are friends or none. I assume none. Iam okay with that.
  4. PD they have generous giveways.
  5. bitsc


    I see this site all the time. Yet to figure out what it does.
  6. bitsc

    The best site no longer exists...

    Blackjack seems to be off.
  7. Great news you didnt died. I hope it stays that way.
  8. bitsc

    Hello its my First Topic

    Hi walkinaroadforum. Welcome to the forum.
  9. lol now i can lose faster
  10. bitsc

    Hi, I´m new here, how to win?

    Great introduction Maverick. Enjoyed reading.
  11. bitsc

    Snike Faucet->Millionaire Stream

    Thanks for stream snike. Win lot of coins
  12. bitsc

    a losing strategy !

    Hugh loss. Hopefully can recover. Best wishes
  13. bitsc

    Stream #19 the new gambling site Stake!

    Good Luck Yaronovich. Easy money
  14. bitsc

    Stake Giveaway(0.0015BTC)

    Username: bitsc 125000