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  1. OnePunchMan

    102% luck`

    i have 101% but still i can get lots of red, i cant just figure it out why i reached 22 reds.
  2. OnePunchMan

    0.05 giveaway/vote me

    #hakar your the man bro.
  3. OnePunchMan

    A good strategy in dice bot from faucet?

    i would suggest faucet to be for hunting only since it doesn't give you enough survivality on the process of other strat.
  4. OnePunchMan

    9900x again yay!

    this is wow, what a nice day for you, nice catch
  5. i am thinking that its gonna be 5000 usd in december and thats more like it.
  6. OnePunchMan

    Biggest bust you have made so far?

    i made -0.5 btc in one click and that very frustrating
  7. OnePunchMan

    Tips & tricks for non-depositors?

    sometimes it helps using faucet for practice purpose and you can even profit from it if your're clever
  8. OnePunchMan

    Why transactions fees frome some wallets are ht high?

    i think if you use your local address you will not get any fees but if you use your btc then fees will be charge
  9. OnePunchMan

    remove MAX button?

    its really so tempting sometimes and it can cause accident like this one.
  10. OnePunchMan

    Hey all from Canada

    welcome to forum man, i love canada
  11. OnePunchMan

    Hi, I´m new here, how to win?

    nice introduction nice thoughts
  12. OnePunchMan

    Double the speed of automated betting

    so it means it also speed up our losses more :'(
  13. OnePunchMan

    Better Stay In Bitcoin Forget About ICO's

    as far as i am concern china's has the highest chance of scamming people around the globe.
  14. OnePunchMan

    Potential Contest

    i could put some tatoo PD on my forehead maybe to win this lol.
  15. if its open to everyone then fine thanks for sharing i hope great community will be there.