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    paddyspub got a reaction from MrNice23 in Do you interrupt the game to make rains or tips?   
    I do it only when Im not playing. It really distracts. Share some love ONLY  after Im done and start to chat. Wish you to recover fast and don't lost you concentration anymore @JohnTravel
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    paddyspub reacted to UltraChief in Help new users to know more about rain ^-^   
    The criteria for getting rains not known to anybody.
    What I can suggest is that you do not ask for rains, be active in the chat talking to people and not spamming and wagering actively as much as possible.
    I hope that clears your doubt.
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    paddyspub got a reaction from JohnTravel in Have you won a prize but forgot to click to receive it?   
    i didnt check my email for years and got few expired coupons(((( 😐
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    paddyspub reacted to SEMPAXs in [0.00175] Hunt Jackpot Numbers! [part 2 for 3 days]   
    Jackpot Number
    🍀🎇 77.77 🎇🍀
    "As you know, the number 77.77 is a sacred number as a Jackpot. Let's see who is lucky to collect this sacred number".
    Win roll 77.77 on whatever multiplier you can and it must be a winning bet! There are no minimum bet amounts. You can bet with 0 too. You must get number 77.77 two times to participate in this hosting, but not in a row. You can edit your posts if you get a shorter time between these two bets. Bets must be made after the start of this promotion. Hosted promotion is valid for 3 day (72 hours)  
    1st place: 0.0005
    2nd Place: 0.0003
    3rd place: 0.0002
    4-20th place: 0.00005
    How is the ranking of the winners determined?
    1.The closest time distance between the first 77.77 and the second bet is the rank we will use as a parimeter.
    2. In the event of a draw, players will be ranked according to the time of posting their entries in this thread.
    3. You are not allowed to change the seeds between the two.
    **Good luck and Have Fun**
    If previously the time was only 1 day (24 hours), this time I would make it more interesting with time span of 3 days.
    Will we have the part 3 next?   Let's see if this interest you 
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    paddyspub reacted to Zoltan in BIggest lossing streak   
    I think i had on almost every payout, that is bigger than 2x, at least a 17x variance, as i am playing 7/24 on more accounts it is not that surprising. On 2x payout my biggest streak was 31 reds, which is "only"  15.5x variance, on lower payouts (1.1x;1.2x and so on) i rarely see variances over 10, but that is only because probably i haven't played enough time yet
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    paddyspub got a reaction from tapazkie25 in Best Betting Strategies?   
    I use that too @singpays. Good one, love it so much) But to be honest @tapazkie25 its up to you to decide what to do with your precious coins. All strats are good and bad at some point just do what you think is right and enjoy the game.
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    paddyspub got a reaction from singpays in Best Betting Strategies?   
    I use that too @singpays. Good one, love it so much) But to be honest @tapazkie25 its up to you to decide what to do with your precious coins. All strats are good and bad at some point just do what you think is right and enjoy the game.
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    paddyspub got a reaction from MrNice23 in PD Players Association   
    Count me in as the member of PDPA. Lets change the world together. ☺️
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    paddyspub reacted to singpays in Best Betting Strategies?   
    this is my boss strategy all time sucess but this time fail me 😓
    bad day bad loss
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    paddyspub reacted to singpays in PD Players Association   
    why u making so much topic  u side u quit gambling so . better u can find a job 😅
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    paddyspub reacted to MrNice23 in PD Players Association   
    Primedice is in the place since 2013, for 6 years now, proving that it is one the best if not the best dicesite in crypto space.  I'm not sure if such an association has been created before, to be honnest i was hesitating and doubtful before deciding to launch this initiative, then i told to myself why not making this players association related to this successful and "wealthy by its community" site.  
    So basically the purpose of this association is to gather the great PD community to create and organize this association to help players by advices , support or even creating events , or a token dedicated to Primedice, anything is good till we are creative.
    When I see our community, i see many interesting persons from all avoe the world and with so much potential , we have engineers, coders , devs , scientists , traders and even dentists lol .
    Well, i deeply think that we can canalize our knowledge , potentials , to make side projects and it would be maybe something in partnership with Primedice, why not! We just have to open our minds , there are so many opportunities to catch everywhere, and we don't want to miss them!
    I will be more precise about this association called "PDPA" (PD Players Association) in further posts, for now let me know my friends dicers if you like the idea , the concept and what could you do to make it better. 
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    paddyspub reacted to JohnTravel in Do you interrupt the game to make rains or tips?   
    Yes, I think this is the way, because usually distraction causes us to lose focus, so achieving value is the best way and option always, let's say first and foremost before we get lost or lost on the way.
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    paddyspub reacted to sheenaz.bay in 7 btc hit 990x   
    I don't have the courage to play with a high payout like 990x with 700k bets, even though I have 10 btc, I will play as usual, playing in my own way.
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    paddyspub got a reaction from MrNice23 in What wallet do you use to store your coins?   
    Thanks, ill keep it in mind.
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    paddyspub got a reaction from MrNice23 in What wallet do you use to store your coins?   
    I use mobile app wallet, Its fast and ez to manage, but it less secure than cold ones. What wallet do you prefer @MrNice23?
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    paddyspub got a reaction from MrNice23 in Primedice Platform   
    Greetings. I would love to see currency exchange as part of web interface and chat history a bit bigger. That's all i need.
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    paddyspub reacted to JohnTravel in This is how gambling affects your life, and health   
    Well, I'll be very frank about myself, am I an addict? Yes! I'm an addict, but I see it as a job or a kind of source of income. It is better to earn little and always win little and when you are lucky you will win a lot if you, along with luck, make a great choice, bet or play, these are the terms I have seen people speak here.
    But like everything in life, there is the dark side of strength, "defeat" and defeat comes the feeling of loss, sadness, hurt, anger, hatred, rancor, fury and many other bad feelings.
    When I find the loss, and if it is large, "I have already experienced two very large losses, and I have recovered them," but this is something that knocks us down if the money in the game involves different situations like family, investments and so many other things. they would depend on this lost money. The result is apathy, depression and some even think about killing themselves. But, I do not think this way, so I will repeat infinitely: "If you think about winning a lot but can not keep a week winning small, you will never earn much, because you will have to keep covering your endless losses that never end and the result, this is a failed player, who lives in the illusion of one day to earn a lot, but never will because the losses increase more and more. And to win big or you play high, or have high power of money and with this will enter in a high risk zone and worse, if you lose the high money that is in the game in an attempt to recover other losses, then the situation could be catastrophic.
    With that the health of the person can go to a very bad situation if smokes, drinks, or if it is dependent of some drug, it will lose the control. If you do not practice physical activities or eat the garbage offered by the system due to the alienation of not knowing anything "do not know the codes allimentarius, and eats garbage", the result will be a snowball, lose in the game, if you drug, eat bad things , and not practice physical activities, will soon have a heart attack or will suffer some disturbance or emotional problem and may even cause problems for other people.
    The bottom line for this is, there has to be a balance be it in the virtual game with the real life game because the casino game can not affect my life to the point of taking me to the canvas or the failure to destabilize my family for a stupid or my bad action. Imagine I have family, and if I lose all my monthly budget at the casino, how am I going to support my family? The weight is much greater when you are a parent, when you have bills to pay than living alone, good if you live alone and lose more than you can in the game and know that it will screw up her life, then you are acting like a inconsequential and then the consequences will come.
    So we have to analyze everything, whether the game starts, how it ends, and how the money invested will make an impact if I lose. I'll tell you something, I rarely make deposits, sometimes I earn high, but most I earn on average or small amounts that added together will become great.
    But before I start I'll tell you a secret Chikou, get out of negative people, who keeps complaining and putting things in your mind, this is the first step, forgetting others who do not think about good things, think about evil, It's already gone bad and it will not progress, that's what I think. The point I was talking about is: I'm going to deposit 0.1 btc, but what if I lose it? This question I always ask myself, whatever the value of the deposit! What will I do if I lose the deposit amount? Do you measure the consequences of this impact? Am I making you think? Or is this all nonsense?
    Start thinking about all aspects of the game, be it before you start the game, the place you are playing, the internet you use, who is near you, who is in your network of contacts when you are playing. And will play, and how will you play? What payout will you play using the 0.1 btc deposit? Are you going to risk everything in a single bet all in one? Will you play a limit of 100 or 1000 bets with an average bet? Or will you hunt a specific payout with 99x playing 10k satoshi per bet?
    All of these issues will impact your strategies, and if you lose will come all the bad feeling that will affect you, so when we are dealing with money, I think this is not just a fun, but a job. I see people talking here I'm here for fun, but after losing everything or what they deposited, they say: "dammmg I lost everything, I'm bad." Wow, you were not here for fun? I'm here first for the job, since I look at primedice as an extra job, and then as a means to amuse myself, but first hit the target, withdraw money, live like a gangster gambler at casinos.
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    paddyspub reacted to Kate in A help for the newbies of crypto to not get scammed.   
    So scam a very very well known word in the crypto community because at least one of us dicers here as fallen for it one way or another and no one is ever same from it. So this is a help for newbies or people who have not been scammed yet and maybe you could try avoiding these scams.
    So i found an article which informs you of all the type of crypto or bitcoin scams out there and how to avoid it and all.

    The article : https://medium.com/æternity-ventures/the-8-most-common-types-of-crypto-scams-55b8db2997e3

    Give it a look if you are new to the crypto industry and please do give it a look since it would help you a lot.
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    paddyspub got a reaction from JohnTravel in What is the point of Telegram challenge?   
    Hello dear Community! We all having fun by participating Telegram challenges (thank you btw), but i don't understand the point of it. If people want to promote and develop Telegram channel than why after 1-2 minutes since the challenge  start they post rules of it in public chat? I think it shoud be fair if the only one answer where https://t.me/OfficialPrimedice (till challenge is not done) . Because what is the point of Telegram giveaway if you know the rules in chat? Share your thoughts below.
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    paddyspub got a reaction from MrNice23 in Which coin do you use the most in Primedice ?   
    Currently  I'm using LTC and ETH the most. On doge testing some strats too and don't touch BCH and BTC))   
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    paddyspub reacted to waitforme in What is the point of Telegram challenge?   
    With a user who spends a lot of time on the Telegram platform like me, this will be one of the great suggestions. Primedice always creates events with great rewards, I don't want to miss any events that are going on. Therefore, Channel Telegram will be the preferred option.
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    paddyspub reacted to Robear in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Climb the Mountain Challenge!   
    Bet: 22,158,312,480
    placed by Robear on 24/04/2018
    0.00001000 Multiplier
    330.00x Profit
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    paddyspub reacted to athena2007 in How did you choose your username?   
    i chosse my name from being a name of a real person and my lucky  number unlike others that are scammers and need to change there name like...Дмитрий Ромашевский  or 
    Dmitry Romashevsky  .....(asombroso)
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    paddyspub reacted to ravenyvolle in Hello there   
    Hey there!
    Welcome to our forum
    Have fun and see more of you here and chat.
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    paddyspub reacted to ktfor57 in Hello there   
    Hi @paddyspub welcome to primedice forum  good luck to you