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    paddyspub got a reaction from UltraChief in 🥇[CLOSED/PAID] [0.2 BTC] Need For Speed ​🏎️​ ​| TIER   
    Bet: 42,594,466,434
    placed by PaddysPub on 21/11/2019
    0.00467278 Multiplier
    1.01x Profit
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    paddyspub reacted to satoshi5095094 in 🥇[CLOSED/PAID] [0.2 BTC] Need For Speed ​🏎️​ ​| TIER   
    Bet: 42,432,648,209
    placed by satoshi5095094 on 19/11/2019
    52.42880000 Multiplier
    3.00x Profit
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    paddyspub got a reaction from Dan in Guide to using the Primedice API   
    You probably use the wrong token. You need to use token from Local Storage, not PD interface. These queries works fine for me
    { user { withdrawalList { amount currency status createdAt } } } - correct answer @Dan walletFee is not for wdList
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    paddyspub reacted to Saaho2019 in Guide to using the Primedice API   
    Thanks for help mate  
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    paddyspub got a reaction from Dan in Guide to using the Primedice API   
    @TERMSERROR add me on PD i can explain some things. Download Insomnia, launch it and create new request. Than go to tab header and watch screensot 

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    paddyspub got a reaction from Dan in Guide to using the Primedice API   
    i used wrong token) its all good now. thanks @Dan
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    paddyspub reacted to Edward in Kindly Leave an Honest Review for Primedice   
    Trustpilot is currently a fairly big market driver and respected review website. 
    It'd be really awesome if you guys could leave some honest & legitimate reviews for us. If you do wish to help, make sure your review is 2 - 3 sentences long.
    You don't have to give 5 stars, give whatever you believe Primedice deserves. If you have any negative feedback, that's cool as well. We'll happily take on any constructive criticism. 
    Thanks in advance! 

    P.S. make sure you leave your Trustpilot & Primedice username in this thread after leaving the review ✌️😉
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    paddyspub reacted to jamyr in OMG bet. 26.7 btc   
    **permission to post**

    This is one of the saddest bets I've ever seen since I have been introduced to crypto-gambling.

    Most of the time we came to see posts of big wins, and we congratulate the winner.

    Maybe it is also okay to tell this bettor, its a bad day and better luck next time. Sorry about the loss, but you are one hell of a bettor!

    Also if you do not know about the rakeback feature for VIP members, that would be huge even for a rakeback. Good luck!
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    paddyspub reacted to CaptainLorca in 🏆 [0.0016] Talk that talk!   
    Jesus christ, will you people finally learn to read the topic?
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    paddyspub reacted to Giveaway in 👑 [1 BTC] 40 Billionth Bet Challenge!   
    40 Billionth Bet Challenge! 
    Ends: with the reach of the 40,000,000,000 bet

    We are extremely proud to announce that Primedice is approaching a new milestone of a grand total of 40 billion bets made on the platform. 🎲 To win this challenge, you must catch the 40 billionth bet with a bet amount higher than "0". If you are that lucky a player, your profit (or loss) will be multiplied by 100x and rewarded to you as a win! Max win you can get is 1 BTC or any other coin that we support in that value. So the higher the bet amount, the bigger the prize you could reach no matter if you win or lose. If the 40 billionth bet does not fulfill one of the requirements, the next one in the row that does, will be awarded. Also, the first 100 posters on this topic will get 10k satoshi bonus at the end of the promotion. Please, do not try to enter with alts, this will be most strictly sanctioned!
    Hit the 40 billionth bet with any bet amount higher than 0. 'Hide bets from public' option must be disabled (for the 40 billionth bet). Capped payout for winning this challenge is 1 BTC or any other coin that we support in that value. (value accounted on the day of crediting). Valid winner for 40 billionth bet will be paid in the respective currency (currency in which the bet is made). 1 valid entry per household. (for the forum posters). Comment your Primedice username below. (for the forum posters). 10+ Post count on the forum (for the forum posters).  
    *We will announce the winner on this topic once it occurs! Good luck everyone! 🍀
    **Note: In the case that the 40 billionth bet is not a valid entry, we will continue forward one bet at a time, until we have a valid winner!
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    paddyspub reacted to Zoltan in 🥇 [CLOSED/PAID] [0.2 BTC] Let’s get rolling! 🥇 | TIER   
    Bet: 39,703,507,536
    placed by Zoltan on 21/10/2019
    0.00032768 Multiplier
    9.00x Profit
    0.00262144 Bet: 39,704,160,402
    placed by Zoltan on 21/10/2019
    0.00032768 Multiplier
    9.00x Profit
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    paddyspub got a reaction from lifeisloveu in 🥇 Welcome to VIP Exclusive Promotions! 🥇   
    im excited as f) lets gooooooooooooo
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    paddyspub reacted to Katarina in 🥇 Welcome to VIP Exclusive Promotions! 🥇   
    Good day, VIP Dicers!
    We have a little surprise in store for all of you!
    Since many of you asked us for some special VIP promotions and activities, we decided to make your wishes come true!🎉
    Before we disclose what it will be, we would like to take this opportunity to express appreciation for your loyalty! Thank you! Thank you for choosing us and for staying by our side through both thick and thin. We would never have become what we are had it not been for you folks.🥰
    Without further ado, we are thrilled to announce that starting this Monday, we will be hosting exclusive VIP challenges! These would simply be an additional token of appreciation and a way for all of you to earn some pretty juicy prizes 💰 and to make your staking more exciting.
    We thought of different kinds of giveaways, some of which are the highest payouts, the highest profits in a bet, and similar. We will not reveal it all right away, but we vow to do our best to always think of something new and interesting so that you could never be bored.😎
    Your opinion is of a great importance to us so feel free to always reach us when you think of something that would help us grow and improve.📣
    P.S. Make sure to create a forum account if you haven't done so already.
    Yours sincerely,
    Primedice team
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    paddyspub reacted to UltraChief in What will you do if you won a withdrawal amount without a deposit!?   
    Thats an amount more than the maximum supply of bitcoin. You should wake up from your dream.
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    paddyspub reacted to ThePug in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Walk of Fame: Merman 🏊‍♂️   
    Bet: 38,668,987,385
    placed by ThePug on 07/10/2019
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    2.00x Profit
    Bet: 38,666,186,977
    placed by ThePug on 07/10/2019
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    2.00x Profit
    Bet: 38,663,007,241
    placed by ThePug on 07/10/2019
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    2.00x Profit
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    paddyspub reacted to UltraChief in [0.0016BTC] [Raffle - 24] Ultra's Raffles! Enter your names here!   
    Here is the winners list of the 24th raffle:
    1 absentt
    2 - Byteking
    3 CntryBoy
    4 les110
    6 infi
    7 millioner500
    8 Philip74
    9 paddyspub
    10 - borokokok
    11 jwembot
    12 - hardbringer87
    13 peckatop
    14 thepug
    15 winnwave
    16 BankOlega
    Grats to all the winners!
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    paddyspub reacted to UltraChief in Do you think that PD needs a boost?   
    The best way to do this is to promote Primedice on other casino forums and bitcointalk then go for social media promotions specially the youtube ones where you can make videos on how to play different strategies. Something out of the box is always better.
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    paddyspub reacted to jamyr in PD Players Association   
    If I am not mistaken there are those 2 groups/crews.

    Maybe they are an association, kind of..
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    paddyspub reacted to GKD09 in 🏆 [0.1 BTC] Primedice & Chill: F.R.I.E.N.D.S   
    Bet: 37,195,906,736
    placed by GKD09 on 20/09/2019
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    6.00x Profit
    0.00000500 1986 rolls later...... 
    Bet: 37,197,698,286
    placed by GKD09 on 20/09/2019
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    6.00x Profit
    0.00000500 Does anyone even read the spoiler text 👀😅 I was watching Friends just yesterday and we watch random episodes while having food ❤️ There's waaay too many to have a favorite, but one that hit my head now was when Ross said "Pivot! Pivoot! PIVOooooTTT!!"
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    paddyspub reacted to luizoruivo in Let the Dice Choose Your Destiny 1 (0.00? btc)   
    Hello everyone! Long time no see 😁.
    This promotion is simple, all you have to do is post a bet with one of the following numbers:
    00.00 10.00 20.00 30.00 40.00 50.00 60.00 70.00 80.00 90.00 99.99
    And what is the prize?

    The number of your bet will be associated with a value.
    Do not think too much about what will pay more or less, let the dice choose your fate!
    I will put random prices that range from 0.00003 to 0.00015 btc in every number.
    How can this be fair?
    I will send a message to a support (please do not ask support for the payouts of this promotion) member with the prize of each number, so the prizes will be decided from the beginning, of course I will not reveal it to anyone. In the end of this promo a print screen of my message will be posted in this topic.
    Participants will be paid via tip.
    Muted accounts on the day the check is made (one week from now) will not be accepted. Participating with more than one account will result in a ban on all my promotions. Minimum of 11 forum posts. There is no minimum bet, it doesn't even have to be a win. One roll per user.  
    This Topic will be locked September 25, 2019 at 00:00 GMT. Good luck everyone!
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    paddyspub reacted to Zoltan in [0.0032 BTC] To the moon!   
    Thank you everyone for the participation and congrats!
    1st: Yfendekoc1 2nd: DhcPraDo 3rd: gandza750 4-25: Alamar, jahithber, Philip74, tomuco, octoling, gazon4ik, winnwave, hamato1020, kuchluk81, Spol, Caligula6, Josenete, ahmeddz1995, ThePug, marfuscha, Koljascha, PedroJMelo, Neptun2, sheenazbay, MaksatMe, les110, jerrah Payouts have been done!
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    paddyspub reacted to Xantys in Your withdrawal target   
    Hi guys.
    I think this is one of the most important aspects of your gaming - your withdrawal target. Primedice sets withdrawal limits and they are not too high. I would say anyone is able to reach them and  withdraw immediately. But do you do so?
    Do you try to build larger balances so that you can withdraw more and leave a comfortable balance to play further? That's what I have lately been trying to do but looks like this strategy is a disaster for me. After carefully building a substantial profit and loosing it, you think: damn, I should have withdrawn that. Is that feeling familiar to you? What's your withdrawal strategy?
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    paddyspub got a reaction from MrNice23 in Which coin do you use the most in Primedice ?   
    i used ETH till its gone) now Im Doge addict. and the 3rd place goes to XRP.
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    paddyspub got a reaction from MrNice23 in Do you interrupt the game to make rains or tips?   
    I do it only when Im not playing. It really distracts. Share some love ONLY  after Im done and start to chat. Wish you to recover fast and don't lost you concentration anymore @JohnTravel
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    paddyspub reacted to UltraChief in Help new users to know more about rain ^-^   
    The criteria for getting rains not known to anybody.
    What I can suggest is that you do not ask for rains, be active in the chat talking to people and not spamming and wagering actively as much as possible.
    I hope that clears your doubt.