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  1. athena2007

    Munn's wallet launched !!

    So how much is the minimum you can store on this wallet and the maximium ??? and is this app available for andriod??
  2. your BETWRONG yes wrong .x has to be 3000 profit eth
  3. great giveaway .. lets go Bet: 24,551,028,666 placed by athena2007 on 15/10/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00000100
  4. The hard fork for ethereum might be delayed which will not make people happy as it was suppose to make the platform more efficent to its users. It looks like it wont happen this year ,as there are major issues on Ropsten. Keep holding them ETH and good things will come. What do you think ??? Source:https://cryptonews.com/news/ethereum-s-important-upgrade-may-be-delayed-2768.htm
  5. athena2007

    NBA Star is a Bitcoiner enthusiast.

    A new star in the NBA who is a bitcoiner has stated that his new shoe brand will be available to buy with crypto currency . it wont be long till you can go in a shop and buy whatever you like with crypto . well thats my thaughts . maybe not soon but it is inevitable. What do you think ?? Source:https://www.ccn.com/budding-nba-star-is-a-bitcoiner-says-his-shoe-brand-will-accept-crypto/
  6. In the UK they are saying that it will take 2 years to implement regulations on crypto currencies. i belive it will take longer and they still wont be able to fully regulate this activity. The uk seems to be flourishing with crypto at the moment and finacial institutes want to get in on the action too. Source https://www.ccn.com/uk-cryptocurrency-regulations-may-take-2-years-for-lawmakers-to-draft/
  7. athena2007

    Hacker shows how vulnerable crypto is

    phew its as easy as that who would have thaught,, even if its shiitcoins its still a few pennies here and there ,,
  8. exchange done and forum sats done aswell thanks
  9. looks like he has to cancel his lambo order and his mansion and yacht...oh well lets keep trying
  10. no they have to be 77.77 and the wager more than a hair......
  11. The central bank of Zambia has just declared that BTC and may other cryptocurrencies are not a legal tender in its country . they know they dont have the actuall power to stop crypto they just want to make sure thier own currency stays afloat as its been depreciating lately and they have a responsability to promote its homeland currency. Source:https://news.bitcoin.com/zambian-central-bank-declares-bitcoin-is-not-legal-tender/
  12. It is something that south korea has put out there that it has outlawed and banned crypto currencies so again they are reafirming this saying ICOS are a gamble which i do belive myself as there are so many out there , the korean goverment does stand by the fact that blockchain is the way forward though.. What do you think about this ? Source:https://cointelegraph.com/news/south-korean-financial-regulator-reaffirms-negative-stance-on-icos-and-crypto
  13. A great statement made from the World bank president in a conference in bali indonioesia, has said that distrubuted ledger technology has great possibilitiys and great potencial and that the world bank should keep in tune with this as it would help the progress of the world banks . And there you go blockchain and cryptocurrencies and the presdient of the worldbank hand in hand lets see where this goes. Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/world-bank-president-distributed-ledger-technology-has-huge-potential
  14. athena2007

    Bithumb sold

    it seems like the buyer is an even bigger company maybe they can strenghten Buthumb and make it better than it was before.