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  1. I cant control it anymore lol Yeah I want him to become batman or superman
  2. agree on that his super cute 😘 😘 I love always wtching him n stream cres lets hunt eddie and bring him in my rooms
  3. Yeah But his still handsome lol
  4. For me his so Handsome and So hot lol Super cute face and have a pretty eyes The giveaways I want is Eddie himself haha Thanks for last night it was so fun
  5. I Want to see Eddie face again 😧 😘 😘 his so cute and handsome. But I want to see his ABS lol
  6. Can I see your ABS Eddie ? 😘 😘 because your so hot and cute 😘 😘 username: INTDestroy
  7. Redash12 thanks edward merry christmas
  8. Most loveable Primedicer: trigon00 Funniest Primdice: togiy Favorite Primedice forum poster: PARANORMAL Favorite Primedice chat user: Ledust Most intelligent Primedicer: Robear Most influential Primedicer: Chatbot Best Primedice moderator: Robear/Ledust/The frog/Krisstoff Funniest Primedice support member: Bojana/katarina Favorite Primedice support member:Bojana/katarina Favorite Primedice admin: Edward
  9. Done Edward My username in cryptocompare is Red.ash123 Username: Redash12