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  1. what was you doing before primedice and stake Launch?
  2. username:Boomer12 Happy Birthday to PD
  3. wrongly posted 2 times because of lag so my number 68 already posted
  4. username:Boomer12 Happy Birthday to PD
  5. wow Happy Birthday Primedice also Thanks Eddie for organizing giveaway username:Boomer12
  6. i lost 2 to 3 btc in gambling sites.gambling is for fun not a way to make money in longrun
  7. it's sucks sorry i understand you
  8. nice amazing story i wish i will be millionaire oneday
  9. Wish you a very Happy Birthday username:Boomer12
  10. no wrong ronaldo718 i dont agree with you usually many coins like Bitsend Bitmark etc not going up very well look at past history of these coins
  11. stratis coin yesterday its price was $5.67 and to day now $6.07 gradually increasing now i will sell when its $20 so my investment will be Booom. just check the statistics of this coin https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/stratis/ amazing team so invest gyuz better oppertunity
  12. lets see but i recommend only stratis coin i have investment in this currency and now my profit 5 times from original investment and still have good future
  13. thanks for info but Eth for long term no quick profit in short term it will up and down between $150 to $280 it can down more in future so be aware
  14. read this news about BCH https://bitconnect.co/bitcoin-news/663/coinbase-bitfinex-and-leading-exchanges-will-reject-bitcoin-cash/